9 disturbing characters you meet in pubs!

Are you a part of this tribe? If yes, please change yourself for the better!


  1. The bathroom-line cutter

Humans have evolved over time to come up with queues! Everybody HAS to take a leak in a pub. Breaking the age-old tradition just because it’s an emergency for you is simply pissing off.


2. The fight instigators

“Came here to drink beer and whoop something up! And I think we are running out of beers…”  Bro, just relax! The intention is to have fun, so let’s calm our shit down.


3. The know-it-alls

Definitely one of the most annoying breed. They consider themselves the Einstein of drinks. Sympathies for the bartenders who are traumatized by these people telling them how to make a drink.



4. The stool pigeons

They keep their handbags, phones or even kidneys to reserve seats. Let’s try to be a little civilized!



5. The “I’m talking on the phone!” person

They forget that they are in a pub every time their phone buzzes. No one’s going to rein in for you. Hey, scientists have proved that texting is doing a miraculous job these days!


6. The cash wavers

Perhaps the most obnoxious of all people who manage to pull out a groan from everyone else in the pub (maybe except other cash wavers). Letting the bartender know that you will be paying a hefty tip this way is not cool. It’s just sad.


7. The serial drink orderer

They follow a weird ‘one drink per order’ regime. Bartenders have a tough time with these people. Just give your orders at once, leave the sequence of preparation to the bartenders.


8. The jukebox junky

They think subjecting the pub to EDM for the rest of the night, is fun! Put ‘money’ elsewhere and not others ‘mood’ down the drain!


9. The round welcher

They accept to buy the round for everyone, then realize that they are broke in the presence of a bill. They end up “regretting” sticking the bill to their friends… A sub-species of this kind of person is the one who never offered to pay in the first place.


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