Dealing with your ex at parties!

We all know the “Let’s be friends!” situation is a myth. If you anyhow achieved it, you are a legend. Most of the relationships end in a trainwreck. Having to meet them pulls the crazies out of people. Here’s how you deal with them in a civilized and decent way.


  • Mentally prepare yourself

Your ex might be in any possible mentality varying from ‘going on with a 3rd person after you’ to ‘I’m still alone but will make you jealous’. Don’t do anything that questions your senses. Don’t ever be caught off guard.


  • Remember why you broke up.

Keep the reasons at the tip of your fingers. Suddenly seeing your ex all adorable and lovely might kindle the momentarily unnecessary senses. Don’t make the same mistake again.

  • Cheer up and smile.

Stay positive. Fake it if you can’t till you become positive. No matter how hard it is, smile it off. Don’t seem like you are devoid of any hope in life!


  • Keep an inevitable convo short and sweet

No matter how long you guys were together, how hard the breakup was, now is not the time to explain every detail of your life. Keep the conversation pleasant but quick and short.

  • Don’t unsee them!

This rule is universal. It is even worse if you do it to your ex. Just don’t…

  • Don’t try to make them jealous.

Bringing a hot plus-one and sizzling things up to make your ex jealous is wrong. An ugly one-plus might flip the situation upside down by making you the fool.


  • Don’t drink your sorrows away.

Drinking you melancholy away might sound like a good idea at first. But, ending up on the floor with your insides out isn’t such a pleasant experience. Stay for a drink or two, and leave with your dignity and liver!

  • Don’t hook up!

It’s the biggest DON’T of all! Ill omens follow the next sunrise onward!


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