Never sober roomies!

Roommates are people we spend most of our time with! There is almost nothing that roommates don’t know about each other. Having an alcoholic roommate is an experience that has no match!

  • Scholars of crap

You can’t expect any logic from them in whatever they’re trying to say. You’re just supposed to sit there and accept their shit.

  • Emotional freaks!

    Extremities of emotions are exhibited within a very short period of time. Suddenly they’re sad, angry, nostalgic and happy about finding their long lost sock!

  • Food stealing

When no shop’s open and there’s nothing to prepare food, that last slice of sandwich you had saved up will be getting churned in that stinking mouth of your dear roomie. Now they’ve hit your trigger button!


  • Abusepheres!

    Witness their abusive proficiency on full throttle. The person chosen for the night would have never deserved such speeches.

  • Regret drinking talks

“Never drinking again like this… (cries all over you)”

  • Sleep deprivation

Your eyelids turn black. Eyes bleed instead of tears. You see the sun rising. By now you think of punching and putting them out if they aren’t passing out yet.

  • Puke

Nothing to say..


Enjoy with these peeps in the nearby pubs. Find them at Brisky !

You won’t have to clean up their mess. 😉

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