Top 5 assumptions men have about ladies nights!

Ladies nights have a lot of ladies.

So most men assume that when such nights happen, it means that there will be a lot of  ladies there. Has to right? After all it is LADIES Night!!


Well, sorry to burst your little bubble. It actually turns out that a lot of men think just like you and chances are that it will turn out to be a sausage fest!

Most ladies will be single ladies.

Another popular assumptions most men carry are that women who come to such nights are usually single and ready to mingle. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong about this!

Ladies night
Most women are either taken, or just not interested. Even if they remotely were, they didn’t come there to get hit on by men for sure.

Plenty of fish to fry.

Most men seem to believe that since there will be a lot of women there, they can try their charm. Well, to be honest guys, if it didn’t work with one of them, chances are it won’t work with any of them!

ladies night
They are clearly not there to meet guys and be hit upon. So giving them space will be good for your ego.

Drunk much? I can take you home!

I hope you are not one of those men who think that the more a girl is drunk the easier she will be.

ladies night
Surprise surprise, if she is too drunk to even know how to walk, you my friend are going to be totally out of luck here.

Joy ride.  

Another assumption that is hugely popular is that women come dressed up for men. An important fact is that women get dressed up irrespective of this. Women just like to feel good about themselves at a ladies night and hence always ensure to step out in style.

ladies night
So men, don’t sweat about it.

Find some of the best nights in hyderabad here next time you wish to step out in style! 😉

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Don’t whine about wine! 5 reasons why we think you should try it today.

Drinking Wine keeps your mind sharp!

We want you to know that we care for you and your memory so please allow wine to be a part of your life.

So go ahead and open that bottle already.

Live longer than other spirit consumers.

Science says that wine drinkers have 34% lower death rate than other spirit drinkers!

It is proved! check out this article here: Drink more, Live longer

Well well well, how about that huh.

Your taste buds will thank you and that bottle of wine later.

Drinking a bottle of Merlot/Shiraz is known to increase your sense of taste significantly.

So all you food lovers, Drink up!

No disease is good disease.

Drinking wine can prevent gum disease. One glass more for me please!

Check out more about this here: keep your gums healthy

Need we say more?

Keep depression at bay, drink wine.

When we consume other spirits when depressed, we only tend to get more depressed! However, drinking one bottle of Chateau per week can actually make you happier! My day couldn’t get better than this!

Read more about it here: keep depression at bay

Has anyone seen my bottle?

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Trending Nightlife Places in Pune

Hunting for new places to hang out with friends and family? We’ve got it covered for you, these places on the list are lit, they have it all stunning ambience, delicious food and good vibes, you simply cannot afford to miss them.

Raasta Cafe, NIBM ROAD.

Need a spectacular view of the city? this is the place to be. The place has mesmerizing ambience with rooftop setting. It makes for a  perfect venue to go out on a romantic date with someone special. The cocktails here are worth trying. 

Address- 4th Floor, Dorabjee Mall, Next to Dorabjee Paradise Society, NIBM Road, Pune.

Culture पुणे, FC Road.

This new place situated in the heart of the city is a perfect Adda to Hangout with friends. Coupled with good atmosphere and outdoor setting is worth trying.

Address-1195/2C, Next to Tukaram Paduka Mandir, Sud Nagar, FC Road, Pune.

Classic Rock Coffee Co. Baner.

This place is all about amazing gigs, delicious food, great coffee and good music. They always have an amazing line-up to keep you entertained throughout the week. The Salsa nights here are worth visiting and the coffee here is a must try.

Address-Ground Floor, Pride Purple Accord, Opposite Veritas Deron Heights, Baner, Pune.

Tora Tora, MG Road.

Always left out of options while ordering snacks to go with your drinks because of fewer veg options on the menu?  This new place is for all the vegetarians, it is turning some heads because of its classy looks and serene ambience,  one of the few places that serve hookah.

Address- 320, Amba Commercial Complex, Opposite Wonderland Building, MG Road, Camp Area, Pune.

Agent Jack’s Bar, Kapila Matrix.

One of the many outlets of Agent Jack’s Bar, this cosy pub offers a wide array of drinks and appetisers. A perfect place to get drunk with your friends without burning a hole in your pocket, as the drinks are quite affordable.

Address-Ground Floor, Kapila Matrix, Koregaon Park Annexe, Koregaon Park, Pune.

Drag your squad to these places for some memorable time and We bet you won’t be disappointed!

Partying became a lot more fun. Now enjoy these places with Brisky and get to know all the nightlife events 🙂

Reasons why you should attend the Pub crawl!!

We all love a nice weekend with our friends and drinks. So why not take it one step ahead and Hop multiple bars and meet new people. Here are a few reasons why you should attend the Pub crawl.

1.It’s the first ever Pub Crawl in Hyderabad.

The city of Hyderabad will witness something like this for the first time.

2.You can socialize and meet new people.

We all like to meet new people, so this is a perfect opportunity to meet like minded people.

3.It’s a reason to drink till you drop.

Got no reasons to party? Well, we gave you one! so drink till you drop.

4.A reason to catch up with your gang. 

Didn’t get to catch up with friends for a long time? Invite them all to witness one of a kind event.

5..It’s all about fun, excitement and booze.

So prepare to dance your heart out, Drink till you pass out and Party like there is no tomorrow.


So, hop on for an amazing journey to the Tipsy land where fun, excitement and entertainment awaits you.

Love for beer is something we mutually share. Rising above the stereotype, the beer drinkers are experimenting and so are the breweries. Overall production less than the large-scale corporate breweries, ‘Craft beer’ is gradually finding its patrons.

What is a Craft Brewery,  you ask?

(Img Courtesy-

One that produces small amounts of beer, much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, is independently owned, generally characterised by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique.

Craft beer is BLISS!

(Img Courtesy-

Freshly brewed, high in quality and traditional, ‘Craft Beer’ develops the essence of loyalty and exclusivity. It has been highly successful in catering to the whims of the extensively brand-conscious drinkers.

Trending in Hyderabad!

Craft Breweries are mushrooming all over the city and how! Experimenting people are ditching their conventional bottled beer for these freshly brewed pints. And have started appreciating their gulps and relishing the moments with their gang.
Breweries where you can experience the phenomenon include-


(Img Courtesy-

It stands for its vibrant ambience, enhancing the flavour of spirit. Fancy decor combined with a humanly touch, it is the ideal place for your memorable evening.


(Img Courtesy-

Stating to be the best brewery in Hyderabad,  ZERO40 BREWING  has the vibes that will take you high, and drinks that will keep you up there.


(Img Courtesy-

Super cool crowd and hip ambience, HYLIFE’S crew ensures you the best brew.

So, sate your beer appetite by venturing out to these places and wait for the slew of breweries coming your way soon. Use Brisky to stay tuned and get hold of these pints.

Partying resolutions 2017

New year eve party around the corner? Well, one thing that boosts up with the excitement for the party is the number of resolutions you’re planning to make for the new year. These resolutions come with a resolve that lasts shorter than the New Year eve’s countdown and a self-obligation/stress, that you would do damn better without!  So here are a few fun resolutions Brisky would recommend you to take to have starkly more fun than 2016!


  • Do a pub crawl

Visit 5 nearby pubs in your city with your gang, on the same day! Spend no more than half an hour in each pub. And take the 5th one for celebrating your night!


  • Visit every pub in your city, no matter what bad ratings it has

There are always good pubs and bad pubs. Visit every pub in your city and be the guy who knows everything about every pub! (or get to know everything through Brisky)


  • Try one diff drink/cocktail every time you visit a pub

Don’t be monotonous over your drinks. It probably contradicts your reason (to escape the monotony of life) to drink itself. So every time while at a pub, try out a new drink you’ve not had before!


  • Connect with one stranger in every pub.

With social media consuming people’s lives, they have lost the ability to have a pleasant interaction with a stranger. As pubs are a really great spot to improve on this skill, make sure you get in touch with any interesting stranger!


  • Get to know your favourite pub’s bartender.

Bartenders are the mediators of your fun night. So get to know them personally! Adds a lot more value to you as a person and you may benefit from few free drinks 😉


  • Pull a prank!

Pranks are a gateway to your childhood! Pulling a neat prank and being self-satisfied with your work is necessary for at least one of your party days next year! PS: Just don’t get kicked out of the pub.


  • You and your friends visit pubs in a suit/uniform

Suit up. Walk into a pub like men/women in black. And just watch the night unfold in front of you. This is once in a lifetime experience which could be done this coming year too!



Conclusion… screw the six packs or the million buck bank account.

Take up these realistic resolutions and enjoy with Brisky!


New Year Eve Party-magazine, Pune!

With bells chiming, delicious food and drinks heightening

and playing with your senses, you might be looking for
awesome New Year Eve Parties in Pune. We are giving you the best of it, bundled with the best offers and love!


Atmosphere 6, Viman Nagar

Get ₹200 off ( PROMO CODE: HNY200)

With two DJ spin masters, Anuj and Anthony, running the dreamy and chill chariot Atmosphere 6 this NYE, tickets are harder than regular days to procure for this 2017.


Get up close and personal with severe partying while three genious DJ’s play with the crowd’s mind. Be there if or not you want to have a memorable NYE!


[columnhelper col-md-6]

Mosaic, Bund Garden
Get ₹200 off (PROMO CODE: HNY200 )

The madness created by three crazy DJ’s is to be healed by the amazing light-music performance of Shaad. Be there for a wonderful commencement of 2017!

[columnhelper col-md-6]

Club 29, Wakad
Get ₹200 off (PROMO CODE: HNY200 )

With DJ Ansh spinning havoc and a first class bowling lounge arranged too, don’t get confused as to which is more epic. Be there and multitask while seriously intoxicated!


Evviva, Bund Garden
Get ₹200 off ( PROMO CODE: HNY200 )

Since three DJ’s aren’t insane enough, the crazy gang Fiddlecraft are here too to take the eve to new heights! Try to witness it all despite severe intoxication.

We have our Hotline Number ready for you, Call us on 📞 87 911 22202
Team Brisky wishes you a Happy New Year 🎇, Cheers! 🍻

New Year Eve Party-magazine, Hyderabad!

With bells chiming and great food and drinks heightening and playing with senses, you might start looking for some awesome New Year Eve Parties in Hyderabad. We thought of giving you only the best of it, bundled with great offers.


10 Downing Street, Gachibowli 
Get 100% Cashback
India’s deity of Bollywood DJ’s, DJ Nasha is all set to embrace 2017 at the 10D, Gachibowli! With humongous dance floor and chill outdoors, a tournament is imminent for tickets this NYE!

Heart Cup Coffee
Get 100% Cashback at Kondapur
Three key city’s spots are going to be lit by the trio Heart Cup Coffee’s. With city’s nightlife Mozart’s occupying each and every location, madness shall prevail here!
                       JUBILEE HILLS                                              KONDAPUR                                               BEGUMPET  


Get ₹500 Cashback
The cool, vibrant and the unique Greek touch given to the ambience is definitely a place to savour the Delhi based band/music magicians  ‘Zephyr’ this NYE.
The Other Side
Get ₹500 Cashback
‘Mardi Gras’ and DJ Cosmonaught are spinning commercial hip-hop and EDM tracks! Get to the other side of time, at the NYE at The Other Side![columnhelper col-md-6]



[columnhelper col-md-6]

Being a hotspot at regular weekdays, this NYE is going to be blown out of proportions by DJ’s Akso and Shravan! Getting tickets is now harder than ever!

[columnhelper col-md-6]

Cinema Social
Get ₹500 Cashback

DJ Tranquil is the master at spinning crazy techno beats. With coziness and peace generally preached at Cinema Social, it’s a must experience event!


Get ₹500 Cashback
Bollywood, EDM, Electro House and craziness are this nights fuel. So if you’re energetic and due of some fun this year, attain it this year-end at the posh and spacious Vertigo!

We are back with Nightlife Week! Back with BIGGER discounts and now in your city.










Chirstmas party guidelines!

It’s that time of the year again where bells, delicious food and drinks heighten and play with your senses.

Brisky wishes you and everyone a very merry Christmas!


So, with Christmas party invitations flowing in you must make the decision of whether or not to attend that annual official gathering. Well, for the sake of your dignity among colleagues, we give you a set rules that you’ve to follow in order to escape legit embarrassment.


  • Have a drink-meter

Hold onto that first glass as long as possible. Losing senses in front of your whole office isn’t commendable for your job situation.


  • Keep true feelings buried (V.V.Imp.!)

Boss smiled at you? Doesn’t mean you come out of your closet of feelings and speak truth! Again, your job is at stake here.



  • Don’t be that loner

Ready, set, mingle… don’t sit on a couch and keep checking your phone for messages. Move around, talk and get to know your office mates more. Might help you in that big promotion.


  • Hands to yourself!

Keep your hands and legs to yourself. There’s a saying, “Never dip your pen in the company ink..” 😉


  • Have fun otherwise.

Show that you’re truly capable of having fun among your office-mates. This will enhance the perception of you as a nice and comfortable person. Bonus!



Choose to party as hard as you want in your favourite pubs instead?

Save yourself through Brisky!