Dealing with your ex at parties!

We all know the “Let’s be friends!” situation is a myth. If you anyhow achieved it, you are a legend. Most of the relationships end in a trainwreck. Having to meet them pulls the crazies out of people. Here’s how you deal with them in a civilized and decent way.


  • Mentally prepare yourself

Your ex might be in any possible mentality varying from ‘going on with a 3rd person after you’ to ‘I’m still alone but will make you jealous’. Don’t do anything that questions your senses. Don’t ever be caught off guard.


  • Remember why you broke up.

Keep the reasons at the tip of your fingers. Suddenly seeing your ex all adorable and lovely might kindle the momentarily unnecessary senses. Don’t make the same mistake again.

  • Cheer up and smile.

Stay positive. Fake it if you can’t till you become positive. No matter how hard it is, smile it off. Don’t seem like you are devoid of any hope in life!


  • Keep an inevitable convo short and sweet

No matter how long you guys were together, how hard the breakup was, now is not the time to explain every detail of your life. Keep the conversation pleasant but quick and short.

  • Don’t unsee them!

This rule is universal. It is even worse if you do it to your ex. Just don’t…

  • Don’t try to make them jealous.

Bringing a hot plus-one and sizzling things up to make your ex jealous is wrong. An ugly one-plus might flip the situation upside down by making you the fool.


  • Don’t drink your sorrows away.

Drinking you melancholy away might sound like a good idea at first. But, ending up on the floor with your insides out isn’t such a pleasant experience. Stay for a drink or two, and leave with your dignity and liver!

  • Don’t hook up!

It’s the biggest DON’T of all! Ill omens follow the next sunrise onward!


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non-alcoholic drinks while in pub

People sometimes prefer not having any alcoholic drinks while at pubs. This may be because they are a Teetotaler, or just forced to be that night’s driver. Or maybe you like the atmosphere of the pub but still don’t want to drink. Well here are a few non-alcoholic drinks you have to try in pubs!

  • A pimped-up pink lemonade.

Grab whatever berries are available for the season (strawberry, raspberry, etc.) Throw a few in a shaker with 20ml of citrus and the same amount of honey. Finally, serve in a high-ball glass and top the spectacle with a bitter lemon!


  • A virgin Mojito

A handful of mint, a dash of crushed pepper, a ton of lemonade mixed with soda. And a teaspoon of honey! Serve in a Collins glass with chunks of ice cubes and there you go!  One of the best mind refresher after a long hot day!


  • Iced tea

The sanctity of the drink has been stripped off because of the “Iced not-so-tea” being served in every nook and corner! Preparation of a quality iced tea is an art, jazzed up with elderflower and garnished with fresh cucumber and berries, this is one of the best non-alcoholic drinks around!


  • A Seedlip-tini

It’s the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit. Very hard to get but indeed a must-try-once drink.

  • Juice and honey

This drink is for both teetotalers and people suffering from hangovers! With carrot, apple and ginger juice and a teaspoon of honey, you have one of the best non-alcoholic drinks in front of you!


  • A virgin White Lady

The ingredients for this drink is as naughty as the name itself! To a mixture of egg white, sugar syrup and juice, elderflower cordial and grapefruit juice is added. The inherent beauty of this drink is exhibited when served in a Coupe glass.


  • A fruity Fizz

Any fruits you like! Chop them up and toss them into a mixture of orange juice, cranberry juice and soda water till the brim of the glass. Kiwi, pineapple, strawberry chunks, anything will do! It will fizz on your tongue as you happily sip on it.

  • A nonalcoholic flip

It’s pineapple juice, apple juice, maple syrup, lemon, and of course, a whole egg! Nothing more to explain. It’s just it.


  • A cucumber seltzer

It’s chopped cucumber and mint floating in sparkling water and a little elderflower cordial. It’s long, refreshing and hard to stop once tasted! Best part, very healthy too!


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Different hammered pals!

We roast them and toast them. But we do cherish them at the same time. You learn and experience unparalleled things in their company. Few of them piss you off, but the memory of it is always sweet! Here are a few hammered friends we find.


1. The narcissist

“Believe me.. I dropped that apple on Newton’s head!” is one of their normal remarks. The characters of Marvel and DC are no match to their feats.


2. The “It’s been sooo long!” people

They act as though they were sober since last birth when actually it’s been only 6 days.


3. The ex-plainers

Hunting strangers to talk about their cruel ‘ex’ is the scene because their friends have now broken up with them. They undergo serial-snubbing throughout the night.



4. The physical adventurers

Too many grotesque data will be leaking from their mouth. Your abdomen takes a flip when they start revealing what all positions they have done…


5. The Ishaan Awasthi’s of the night

Re-painting the sad and painted picture of their childhood is their occupation. They go on despite everyone begging them to stop. Grow up! your birth itself was a mistake. :’)



6. The job haters

The Happy hours are not so anymore when they’re around. You see them trying to accommodate all curse words while praising their ill-fated bosses.


7. The “Wait wha… I’m not drunk!” person

Verbal and physical balance is a burden for them. On cautioning them, they will even ask you to call them ‘Mr.Soberston’.



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9 disturbing characters you meet in pubs!

Are you a part of this tribe? If yes, please change yourself for the better!


  1. The bathroom-line cutter

Humans have evolved over time to come up with queues! Everybody HAS to take a leak in a pub. Breaking the age-old tradition just because it’s an emergency for you is simply pissing off.


2. The fight instigators

“Came here to drink beer and whoop something up! And I think we are running out of beers…”  Bro, just relax! The intention is to have fun, so let’s calm our shit down.


3. The know-it-alls

Definitely one of the most annoying breed. They consider themselves the Einstein of drinks. Sympathies for the bartenders who are traumatized by these people telling them how to make a drink.



4. The stool pigeons

They keep their handbags, phones or even kidneys to reserve seats. Let’s try to be a little civilized!



5. The “I’m talking on the phone!” person

They forget that they are in a pub every time their phone buzzes. No one’s going to rein in for you. Hey, scientists have proved that texting is doing a miraculous job these days!


6. The cash wavers

Perhaps the most obnoxious of all people who manage to pull out a groan from everyone else in the pub (maybe except other cash wavers). Letting the bartender know that you will be paying a hefty tip this way is not cool. It’s just sad.


7. The serial drink orderer

They follow a weird ‘one drink per order’ regime. Bartenders have a tough time with these people. Just give your orders at once, leave the sequence of preparation to the bartenders.


8. The jukebox junky

They think subjecting the pub to EDM for the rest of the night, is fun! Put ‘money’ elsewhere and not others ‘mood’ down the drain!


9. The round welcher

They accept to buy the round for everyone, then realize that they are broke in the presence of a bill. They end up “regretting” sticking the bill to their friends… A sub-species of this kind of person is the one who never offered to pay in the first place.


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The booze for your zodiac sign!

Ever wondered what drink is best for you based on your star? Scroll down and get enlightened…


Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Being an unorthodox with a Bohemian lifestyle, they maintain an eclectic collection of friends. They are very sociable, intelligent and quick to establish friendship. humanitarians who will take up just causes. Enjoy art and a leisurely lifestyle.

Your drink is cherry bourbon smash!


Pisces: February 19 – March 20

They are unassuming and deeply emotional. Selfless to a fault and are content to remain in the shadows. They cause an illusion of naivety but don’t get fooled! Very devoted to lover and friends.

Your drink is The Martinique!


Aries: March 21 – April 19

They are strong-willed and exacting in work. Very ambitious risk-takers and have high expectations of self and situations. Devoted and loyal to friends and family. Caring lovers with intense sexual appetites! Summing up, they are athletic, adventurous, bold, Passionate and often impatient.

Your drink is spicy paloma!


Taurus: April 20 -May 20

Being the bull, they are strong with great stamina for physical and mental tasks and can be stubborn and unwilling to give ground. Loves finer things in life. Materialistic. Appreciates beauty and has feelings buried deep inside. May appear selfish at times, but are  very generous with possessions and money.

Your drink is Classic Gim Gimlet


Gemini: May 21 – June 20

They are Versatile, adaptable and easily bored. Quick-silver mind and wit. Loves to chat and share knowledge. Communicator of the zodiac. Sociable and enjoys variety as well as change. Relies on mental analysis more than gut feelings.

Your drink is The sorbellini!


Cancer: June 21 – July 22

For them, family and friends are at the top of the list of most valuable possessions followed by home. Have a Deep appreciation for family history and exploring family trees. Emotions are difficult to hide since Cancer lives by their gut feelings and instinct. Craves a stable home life in order to feel secure, safe and comfortable

Your drink is Rum Old fashioned!


Leo: July 23 – August 22

They are bold, courageous and daring. Like to be in the spotlight. Drama is one of their best tools for getting what they want. They have a Great judgment and make good actors. Very generous and loving. Generally are Good strong leaders. They realize self-worth and exert will.

Your drink is The blue lagoon!


Virgo: August 23 – September 22

They have high expectations of themselves and especially others in their quest for perfection on earth. Skilled and successful in career. Keeps emotions reined. Analytical and focused on task at hand. End up to be overly-critical in desire to find perfection. Steady workers and attentive to details

Your drink is Elder Peary Sangaria

Libra: September 23 – October 22

For them, life is about learning to balance the demands from the outside with the desires on the inside. They spend a lot of time wrestling to create harmony and balance between each aspect of themselves. They are more mental than physical. Justice and equality are mainstays. They surround themselves with beauty and art. Music feeds their soul! Sensuality is not confined to the bedroom. Good social skills. Voices opinions only when provoked or passionate about a cause

Your drink is The endless summer!


Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

They are usually misunderstood because their words and actions can have the same kind of stinging effect. They feel things very deeply. Enjoy big and bold lifestyle. Entrepreneurs with the ability to overcome massive obstacles. They Assess situations before jumping in and enjoys a lively heated debate. They make passionate often possessive lovers.

Your drink is Pistachio shot!


Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

They have a Sagittarian soft spot for animals. They have a deep passion that only needs to be stoked to flame. Philosophers and gatherers of information. Bright sharp intellects and enjoy mental challenges. Have high energy that keeps them constantly moving. They constantly reinvent themselves! They must be allowed to roam free and will always return home. Exciting and appreciative lovers who enjoy pleasing their mate.

Your drink is The Minty fresh!


Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

They need a happy home in order to feel complete. Practical problem-solvers and excellent organizers. They Plan life and each stage to create a blueprint they can follow. Closed-mouth when it comes to sharing, so you’ll need to prod them to open up. Make a great companion and life-long friends

Your drink is The old pal


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