6 Places to World Cup T20 Live Screenings

Cricket fever is back! India being the host nation of the ICC Worldcup T20, has only amplified the euphoria. Coming into the tournament,

India were the clear favorites with 10 wins in the last 11
T20I but a defeat at the hands of New
Zealand in the first match came as a rude shock. But the eternal optimists in us, reminds us that this is the repeat telecast of the 2007 edition and we all know how that one ended. It’s a special tournament which deserves to be enjoyed on a BIG screen in an electric environment with 100s of fans and most importantly a continuous stream of BEER. We bring you a list of places that should be your venue for this T20 World Cup

1) The 1st Brewhouse

the name suggests, The 1st Brewhouse was the first microbrewery to open in Pune. The
place has got pleasant ambience with indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. The
screens are placed at apt locations where you can enjoy the view from any table.
Try out their German sausage platter and freshly brewed beers with a great
crowd this Worldcup season.    


2) Aufside at Hotfut

the best place to enjoy a sports match in Pune. If you are looking for a
stadium like experience, you should definitely visit this place. During special matches the entire Hotfut ground is packed with sports
fans enjoying the Live screenings on a big screen.


3) Independence Brewing Company

To all the fans looking for a great match ambience and lip smacking food, this is the place for you. Owing to a spread out Table layout it is quite spacious, and one of the biggest screens in the city make it an ideal choice for enjoying the match with tons of fans holding mugs of freshly brewed Beer


4) Fly High

One of the most promising upcoming Pubs in the City. Located in Magarpatta, the place underwent a major renovation especially for the T20 Worldcup
and are now screening the matches on the BIG screen. The best part about this place is there are no Entry
Charges ..;)



If you want to enjoy late night match screening, then this
is THE PLACE TO BE. The recently opened Pub in Dhole Patil, is getting rave reviews
for it’s food. They have got some insane offers going on during the Worldcup.
Do try their butter garlic prawns with a flavored T20 match.


6) AFK 

Before you make any guesses, we would like to tell AFK
stands for ‘Alter Figo Kresyndo’. The new boy in the town is giving youngsters
enough reasons to become spoiled. Enjoy the T20 matches live screening with their
exotic food and signature BIRA pitchers.

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5 Reasons for listening to Hindi Commentary in World Cup T20

The World Cup T20 fever has gripped our cricket crazy Nation which is hosting this extravaganza for the first time. An integral but less discussed part of the match viewing experience is commentary, often it is the differentiator between a great moment and a memorable one. Hindi, not English commentary is where the fun would be this time around and here is why-

1. Sehwag –  The legend is going to make his debut in the Hindi commentary box this World Cup. Just like his batting he has a flamboyant talking style as well, if his interviews are anything to go by it is safe to presume that sparks are guaranteed when Viru takes on the mic


2. Zaheer – One of India’s most successful bowler is going to start a new innings in the world of cricket, this time off the pitch, in the commentary box. An aggressive player on the field but a thorough gentleman off it, with him having played with most of the Indian players, it would be interesting to hear his opinion about them


3. Shoaib Akhtar – Arguably one of the bluntest commentators in the field, someone who doesn’t believe in mincing words. The speedster’s trademark humor with a tinge of sarcasm would definitely make the conversations more lively. Can’t wait for him to partner with Viru for the IND v PAK game, it would most probably be one of the highlights of the match


4. Harsha Bhogle – The King of Commentary. Do we need to justify why you should listen to Harsha? His mere presence makes the game more engaging and yeah he keeps coming up with these gems in Hindi as well. 


5. VVS Laxman – For the students of the game, none better than VVS to give an insightful analysis of the proceedings, the sheer knowledge of the man makes listening to him feel like a lecture on cricket


To get  a glimpse of what’s in store for you watch this Hindi commentary trailer, in which Viru simply kills it!

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7 Markets in Pune to Buy amazing stuff at Cheap prices

Fed up of high shopping bills? We present to you a consolidated list of markets for your different shopping needs at the cheapest prices possible.                 Happy Shopping! 

1.Hong Kong Lane – The Imported market of Pune. A string of little stalls selling clothes, footwear, jewellery, etc in-line with the latest trends and the best part all this at rock-bottom prices. Do look out for the “Branded” Nike, Reebok and Diesel Merchandise 😉                                                                       Location:  Near Garware Bridge, Deccan  


2. Laxmi Road – The Shopping District of Pune. Laxmi Road is a shopper’s paradise with narrow lanes and by-lanes accompanied by the hustling crowd. It’s a perfect destination for all kinds of shopping be it clothes, footwear, jewellery, etc. across different price points.While there, don’t forget to flaunt your bargaining skills                                                                                           Location: Laxmi Road


3. Fashion Street – The Fashion Hub of Pune. From the latest trends in fashion to the one’s from rocking 60′s, you name it and they have it. Apart from fashionable clothing, it has got an insane collection of accessories be it belts, caps, shades, earrings, the list is endless. Want to bring out the Fashionista in you without making a hole in your wallet, Fashion Street is the place for you.     Location:  East Street, Camp


4. Phule Market – An open-air market set up in the British era, famous for its fruits and vegetables. Phule Market is the favourite destination for homemakers to stock up their kitchens with fresh fruits and vegetables bought at unbelievably cheap prices. It’s also an ideal place to buy articles used in religious ceremonies.  For those of you who are fed up with cold storage items, Go Fresh with Phule market.                                                                               Location: Shukrawar Peth


5. Bajirao Road – The furniture Market of Pune. All your home decor needs, fulfilled at one place whether it’s a bed or a dining table or a cabinet, they have it all covered. For those looking for custom-made furniture, this is the perfect place to get your designs executed. The intense competition between the shops ensures that you get the best deal.                                                       Location:  Shukrawar Peth


6. Appa Balwant Chowk (ABC) – The Stationery Market of Pune. From books, whiteboards to pens, the entire spectrum of stationery items at the cheapest price possible is on offer here. To add to this, there are a lot of stores selling second-hand books ranging from competitive exams to novels.               Location:  Shaniwar Peth


7. Juna Bazar – The Old Market of Pune. A place where nothing is considered as Junk, a dedicated second-hand market selling items ranging from Furniture to jewellery. If you want to get rid of some old items you can sell those to the shopkeepers. This market is operational every Wednesday and Sunday on the road leading to Vir Santaji Ghorpade Path.                                                           Location: Kasba Peth


Did we Miss out on something? Let us know in the comments below.

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8 Must Visit Places in your first 2 months in Pune

Recently moved to Pune? This one is for you. A common question whenever one moves to a new city is how to effectively utilize the short respite from the gruelling Weekdays, that Weekends offer. Luckily, you are in Pune, which boasts of a wide variety of Places catering to a diverse set of interests, so be rest assured that you will find something of your interest happening around you. The city is brimming with a youthful energy owing primarily to a large corporate and students populace. We have consolidated some of the most iconic places that you just can’t miss, here they are (in no particular order) – 

1. Vohuman Cafe – This Irani Cafe has been a favorite early morning breakfast amongst the Punekars for the past 38 years. Famous for it’s cheese omelette and Bun Maska, the place is always brimming with people often including a long queue waiting outside. It is the ideal stop before undertaking an early morning trip. Mr. Hormaz Irani, the owner of the place with his lively behavior provides another compelling reason to visit this place                           Location: Near Ruby Hall  Timing: 6 A.M. to 6 P.M.


2. Dagdusheth Ganpati – The famous Ganesha temple with it’s mesmerising idol is a must visit. If you are lucky enough to be in Pune around the time of Ganesh Chaturthi, then you can witness the spectacle for which people come from far and wide just to catch a glimpse of their Dagdusheth as it is one of the most famous Ganesh Chaturthi Pandals in the whole of Maharashtra                 Location: Budhvar Peth  Timing: 6 A.M. to 11 P.M.  


3. Vaishali – An iconic South Indian Restaurant that is one of the oldest restaurants in Pune. With some of the best South Indian food delivered quickly accompanied by a happily chatting crowd, it is an ideal place to spend a good evening with friends and family.                                                                         Location: F.C. Road   Timing: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.


4. Laxmi Road – Girls this one if for you, shopping district of Pune. Laxmi Road is a shopper’s paradise with narrow lanes and by-lanes accompanied by the hustling crowd. It’s a perfect destination for all kinds of shopping be it clothes, footwear, jewellery, etc. across different price points.While there, don’t forget to flaunt your bargaining skills                                                                                   Location: Laxmi Road   Timing: 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. (Closed on Mondays)


5. WNS Road – Owing to the numerous call centers, the road opposite WNS is the best place to quench your late Night hunger. With roadside stalls open all Night long, serving epic street food like Maggi, Egg Bhurji, Pav Bhaji, etc. along with much needed late-night Chai                                                                   Location: Yerwada   Timing: Open till late in the Night


6. Cafe Good Luck – Probably the oldest restaurant in Pune established in 1935, this Irani Cafe is famous for it’s Irani chai and Bun Maska It also functions as a full-fledged restaurant serving a range of lip smacking dishes with a very quick service and its open for nearly 17 hours making it a place suitable for any time of the day                                                                             Location: F.C. Road  Timing: 7 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.


7. Shaniwar Wada Fort – The Landmark which is the hallmark of Pune, the fort of Peshwa Bajirao is synonymous with Pune. The fort with a rich heritage is a great source to understand the history of the great Maratha warriors and the fascinating stories associated with it, make the whole experience even more engaging. For those who liked Bajirao Mastani, this is your opportunity to visit the Moti Mahal                                                                                                     Location: Shaniwar Peth   Timing: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM


8. The High Spirits – One of the highlights of Pune’s thriving Nightlife scene, famous for it’s live Music and Sunday cookout. The right mix of Music, Beer and Food to go along with one of the best crowds in the city, make this one a must visit for all the Party lovers.                                                                         Location: Koregaon Park Annexe  Timing: 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM, on Sunday also open from 1:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. (Monday Closed)


Missed your favorite place, let us know in the comments.

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The History of T20 Cricket

T20 Cricket is the flavor of the season with India playing non-stop T20 Internationals for the next 2 months starting with Asia Cup and followed by the T20 World Cup which India is hosting for the first time. The glamour and thrill that T20 has now become synonymous with, owing primarily to IPL, is something that would have been difficult to imagine when it started. Read on to find out some unknown facts about T20 that might come off as a surprise.

1. The first ever T20 international was Played between Aus v/s New Zealand in 2005. The match was played in a lighter vein where both the teams turned up wearing the jerseys of 80s, there was also a competition for the retro look in which players kept moustaches and beards to mimic the legends of 80s


2. India was last amongst the Test Playing Nations, to debut in T20 World Cricket when it played against South Africa at Johannesburg in December 2006, under the captaincy of Virender Sehwag, a match which India won. This match also has the distinction of being the only T20 International that Sachin has ever played.


3. The inaugural T20 World Cup 2007 hosted by South Africa was earlier proposed to be held in Pakistan, a venue that no longer hosts International Cricket


4. The hero of the 2007 T20 World Cup Final against Pakistan, Joginder Sharma didn’t represent India in any other international game after that match


5. Sachin and Dravid recommended Dhoni for captaincy of the T20 squad, it was the first time when Dhoni captained a side


6. Kevin Pietersen is the only player from the World Cup winning team to win the Man of the Tournament in T20 World Cup, in all the other editions the Man of the Tournament has always been from the losing finalist


7.  Virat Kohli holds the record for the highest score by an individual in a single edition with him scoring 319 in T20 World Cup 2014


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7 Songs of 2015 that brought out the ‘Baraati’ dancer in us

New Year is that time of the year when people are inundated with a wide variety of lists and most of them are based on the analysis of certain well-defined metrics that ensure the process is unbiased, sounds complicated isn’t it? Don’t worry we haven’t put this much of thought into this list, our criteria is much simpler, songs which make us shed all our inhibitions and dance like no one is watching. Here is the list of ‘ Best Party Songs of 2015

1. DJ Waley Babu – Arguably the Biggest Blockbuster of the Year, there wasn’t even a single party in which this track was not played. The swag with which guys (considering themselves to be Badshah) dance on this one is a testament to its success. Enjoy the Party Anthem of 2015 here


2. Afghan Jalebi- With it’s foot-tapping music and stunning visuals starring the sizzling Katrina and Qazi of ‘Fame Gurukul’ fame, this one makes you dance your heart-out with its amazing beats. Enjoy this racy track which has a distinctive Sufi touch here.


3. Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan – Probably the ‘Baby Doll’ of 2015, Meet Bros. weave their magic once again with their peppy music which complements the catchy lyrics perfectly. Shake your Kalaiyaan while watching it here.


4. Banno Tera Swagger – Datto won a million hearts with her bindaas attitude and this song exemplifies Baraati dance. Take some tips while you watch it here and smile away.

5. Aao Raja– Surprisingly this is the only Honey Singh number that makes the cut this year something that would have been impossible to imagine a year ago. Enjoy this temperature-soaring performance by Chitrangada here


6. Selfie Le Le Re – The list can’t be complete without the ‘Bhai’ and his unique brand of dance. Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s dance steps complimented by Vishal Dadlani’s hard-hitting voice pack a powerful punch. Watch Salman at his very best here.


7. Sooraj Dooba Hai Yaaron –  Arijit Singh’s melodious voice gives this song a perfect blend of a soothing as well as a groovy feel. Put your party shoes on and enjoy the track here.


Wishing you a Happy New Year 2016 on behalf of the entire team at Brisky! Keep the Party Going!

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Rohit Vasudevan Diaries: The Mesmerizing Musicians

What happens when a Music college graduate and an Engineer with a rich Music ancestry come together to pursue their shared passion? Magic. This is the story of Rohit Vasudevan, who went to a Music college against his parents wishes and Saket Rao whose grandfather Bhaskar Rao was an esteemed Tabla player who had played with Ustad Zakir Hussain. Both of them started out on different paths with Rohit opting for graduation in Music despite coming from a science background and Saket deciding to pursue B.Tech from MIT, Pune. But their passion for Music brought them together and thus Rohit Vasudevan Diaries (RVD) was born. There hasn’t been any looking back since with the success of their singles like Zindagi Ek Khoj, Taqleef, etc. landing them a performance at Music Mojo, Kappa TV which eventually lead to them signing with the famed label Flying Carpet Productions, founded by the illustrious Ashish Manchanda who is the protege of Bruce Swedien, the Multi-Grammy winning Producer of Michael Jackson’s records. We at Brisky caught up with them, here are the excerpts from the interview:

Both of you were acclaimed artists in your own right before RVD, what made you join forces?

We used to play Street Music in Lavasa, it was evident that there was some kind of chemistry between us and once we started jamming together the belief got stronger. This belief grew when we started composing originals like Zindagi Ek Khoj because the way our Music synced it was magical and we decided that this can be a life-long partnership. Another crucial factor is the personal bond, it is a pre-requisite that you should be really good friends if you want to create some amazing Music over the long run

Rohit, you joined a Music college for formal education which is a very rare occurrence in India, how significant is the role of formal education in Music?

Rohit: If anyone intends to take up Music as a profession then I would strongly recommend them to pursue formal education with all their heart and soul since it helps build a strong foundation in Music. It also helps you get a comprehensive understanding of Music as you are exposed to different genres which in turn helps when you collaborate with other artists from diverse backgrounds

Saket: Unlike engineering, where there is little co-relation between what you study in college and what you execute on the site, in Music whatever you learn in college will have tremendous application when you start performing professionally. It also expedites the learning process, the time required to learn Music on your own is significantly more than what you will learn from a good teacher

Music as a profession demands a lot of struggle, what kept you going during the difficult times?

First of all we don’t like the word struggle, it’s a very negative word, we see it as a journey. Our vision to become great artists is what has always pegged us on. A lot of credit goes to our friends, who have supported us at each step of the way. There were instances when their overwhelming belief in our Music kept us going in moments of self-doubt. And a special mention to our distractors because they have always tried to pull you down and in the process of proving them wrong we have actually become more focused and driven in the pursuit of our passion

Why ‘Diaries’?

Rohit: I have been writing a personal diary since my school days, it has been instrumental in my Music as well. I have this habit of writing songs in sleep, for this reason, my diary is always on the bedside so that I pen down the lyrics first thing in the morning. I love travelling, very often I take off without any set destination in mind with my diary and guitar as companions, and during the course of the journey I pen down songs in the diary taking inspiration from things around me. Diary is the medium through which I want the audience to experience my Musical world, hence the name.

There is a growing breed of Independent Musicians who are creating some amazing Music, what more needs to be done to grow the Independent Music scene further?

Independent Musicians need to become a family, the unwarranted competition and ego clashes need to be weeded out, as they say, a revolution never happens in singularity all of us need to work collectively for Independent Music’s growth. Another aspect that we should focus on is professionalism if we want to become an ‘Industry’ we need to behave like one

You have planned something interesting for your fans at the end of this month, tell us something about that?

We are collaborating with many artists and giving the relatively younger bands an opportunity to perform. It will be a night full of some groovy Music.It is on 30th October at Classic Rock Coffee Co. Anyone who enjoys getting lost in the Musical world shouldn’t give it a miss.

An album is what every artist’s dream, you are very close to realizing that dream, how does it feel?

The feeling is surreal, having our own album is what we have lived for. Zindagi Ek Khoj is an album , titled on our first single, that is a reflection of the journey humans undertake in their lives. It is a genre agnostic album with songs from a variety of genres like Funk, Jazz, Blues and Pop, we have also had the privilege to collaborate with some fabulous artists like Mohini Dey. We got this opportunity thanks to the contract we signed with. This record is the first step towards making a dent in the Universe.

You can catch some of RVD’s best performances here.

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ISL: Indian Players rising to the occasion

The Indian Super League started with the promise of uplifting Indian Football out of its slump and enable world’s most popular sport to capture the imagination of 1.2 billion people. Indian’s left their mark throughout the inaugural season, starting with the first Indian goal by Balwant Singh in the 5th Match to the moment when Mohammed Rafique scored the winning goal in the finale, a fitting tribute to the Indian footballing talent. Expectations were higher from the Indian contingent in the 2nd season, but no-one could have anticipated this dream start with an Indian player scoring a goal in each of the first 5 matches, looks like ISL has started delivering on its promise. In this post, we celebrate all the Indian goal scores of ISL 2015.

1. Chennaiyin FC v/s Atletico de Kolkata – Jeje Lalpekhlua, the 24 years old from Mizoram, earned the distinction of being the first Indian goal scorer in ISL 2015 when he scored an equalizer for Chennaiyin FC against the defending champions


2. FC Goa v/s Delhi Dynamos FC – Mandar Rao Dessai, the local lad for FC Goa who had quite a few assists last season but couldn’t get on the scoring sheet scored the first goal for the Zico managed side in the opening minutes of the match which helped ‘The Gaurs’ win the contest


3. FC Pune City v/s Mumbai City FC – Israil Gurung, Pune’s winger scored the third goal after Tuncay’s brace in the high octane Maha Derby to seal the victory for his side.


4. Kerala Blasters FC v/s NorthEast United FC – Mohd. Rafi, scored a goal and assisted another on his debut for Kerala Blasters and led his side to a 3-1 victory in front of a capacity crowd at Kochi


5. FC Goa v/s Atletico de Kolkata- Keenan Almeida, a home-grown defender for Goa, scored the levelling goal in the dying moments of the match against Atletico de Kolkata which helped the Goan side to salvage a draw


Few in today’s generation would be aware of the glorious past of Indian Football during which India won two Asian Games gold medals in 1951 and 1962, ISL is an initiative to restore this lost glory and hopefully it would pay rich dividends in the near future, till then, Lets Football!

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WhatsApp + Bobble – An Amazing Growth Hack


In September, while we were launching Brisky on Play Store, we faced the most fundamental question accompanying any product launch, how do we create a buzz about the product? Conventional methods like social media  and content marketing through our Blog gave us brand visibility, but these didn’t translate into downloads which was the ultimate objective. 

Over the past few months, we were debating the use of Whatsapp as a marketing tool. Whatsapp has become an intrinsic part of our lives, so much so, that we don’t even consider it as an application anymore it has become a basic need. But we had 2 reservations regarding the efficacy of the platform-

  1. WhatsApp by its nature is a private network, which in a way limits the reach in comparison to Facebook or Twitter as there is no social sharing which is critical in spreading the word
  2. There are only 3 tools that WhatsApp offered for Marketing (at least that is what we could think of)- Broadcast Messages, Profile Picture and Status, we ruled out Broadcast messages because people are generally reluctant to do it as it felt like spamming, so we decided to use the latter two but the question still remained, How?

Then enters Bobble into the scene, which completely blew us away with its highly engaging concept. For those who don’t know, Bobble is an Indian application that helps you create your own stickers using selfies, they have a host of quirky layouts that you can choose from to convey almost every possible feeling. 

We realized that Whatsapp+ Bobble could possibly be the lethal combination that could catapult us towards our target and decided to give it a shot.This is what we did- We made Bobbles for our friends with the text “Brisky Download Karo Bhai” and asked them to put this picture as their Whatsapp Profile Picture for 2-3 days.


Some of our finest bobbles


The results of this hack were pleasantly surprising as we got 5X downloads in 3 days as compared to the number of downloads that we got in the 10 days prior to launching this campaign.

There were two very important insights that we derived out of this experiment-

1. Making friends put the Bobbles as their Profile Picture was a cakewalk unlike the usual begging that is required for making them share posts and this also saved us from the frequent allegations that we are misusing their friendship as all of them loved the Bobbles, therefore were more than happy to oblige. This speaks volumes about the engaging nature of Bobbles as people want to use it which makes it much easier to create the virality that all of us seek.

2. While the initial request was only to keep the picture for 2-3 days, as it turns out, almost everyone had it for 2 days but many of them still have it as their profile picture i.e, almost 10 days later, this was the biggest gain for us and a testament of the effectiveness of this method.

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TMKC: The Weavers of Nostalgia


Imagine someone who could take you down the memory lane by singing some of your favorite songs that you haven’t heard in a long while and fill you with this overwhelming feeling of Nostalgia, you would adore them won’t you? This is why TMKC is loved by thousands because this is exactly what they do. Teri Music Ki Chahat (TMKC), a band which is an amalgamation of individual brilliance of Lakshya Bhatnagar, Gulshan Jethwani and Nikhil Bailur will make you groove to their heart-melting music, which includes renditions of classics like “Sadho Re”, “Ek Radha Ek Meera” and many more. We at Brisky caught up with these Maestros of Nostalgia, here are the edited excerpts:

What is the story behind TMKC’s formation?

Our genesis was in our college ISBM, where we were solo artists until Rishabh (of Brahmastra fame), our senior, recommended that we should form a band as our skills were complementary, thus TMKC was born. We participated in a lot of college competitions and happened to win quite a few of those, this is how it all started.

Coming up with a ‘Legitimate’ expansion for TMKC must have been quite challenging, how did you manage that?

It’s pretty evident that it’s an impromptu name, because if we would have given it a thought we would have definitely gone for something else. We needed a name, just before our first gig was announced, random suggestions came up including TMKC, which we liked the most as it was quite funky, but then the real challenge was to find a socially acceptable expansion which can be announced in front of professors and since we wanted to entertain people with the music they want to hear, we zeroed in on Teri Music ki Chahat.

‘Retro Repair’ is an interesting way to define your Music, tell us more about it?

All of us are rebels, we didn’t like singing the songs the traditional way, instead we wanted to give them a contemporary touch, this led us to renditions. Many beautiful retro songs are unheard or forgotten by today’s generation, so these songs presented us with a perfect opportunity to ‘repair’ them and present it in a way in which people could relate to them

It’s a dream for many to perform at the Kingdom of Dreams, how did this achievement come about?

MTV Colors of Youth auditions were happening in Pune, we went there both as solo artists and as a band, the brilliant part is that the judges which included Nikhil Chinappa were impressed by our individual performances as well as our collective performance as a band, so we got shortlisted as TMKC band. After clearing regionals, we performed at the Nationals in ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ in front of 2,000 people with the crowd going crazy at our beats, the whole experience was surreal.

Lakshya, you dropped out in the third year of college to pursue Music, it’s a dilemma faced by many people, what made you take this Leap of faith?

Lakshya: I was interested in Music since my school choir days. In engineering college also I used to spend more time with my Guitar than Books, this led to the realization that Music is my life and I dropped out. Moved to Mumbai, took up a day job in JP Morgan Chase while simultaneously working on my Music, in the process also composed songs for a movie called ‘Chai Garam’ directed by Aditya Bhatt of Table No. 21 fame. Later, decided to complete my graduation, so joined ISBM but the Music bug didn’t leave me and thus TMKC came into existence. Recently I have quit my job, 6 months after I got married, which is quite a difficult thing to do but my wife’s unwavering support made it a lot easier. I think self-belief is what helps you make these tough decisions.

Your Medleys are a rage with your fans, what makes you select a particular song as a part of these medleys?

We take up any song which we think can be renditioned to create that magic which will touch the hearts of our audience. We experiment a lot with the songs by adding English lyrics, changing the mood and playing with the tempo to give it a distinctive TMKC touch. It’s a wide spectrum of songs that we deal with ranging from some which are very popular, to those which people have forgotten about and the rare ones which have never been released like Mast Hua which is only on YouTube.

What is your dream for TMKC?

We don’t want to restrict TMKC to just a few individuals rather we want to build a community, where we partner with people to create some insane music. The dream is to take a road trip to explore different facets of Indian Music and learn the local flavors, imbibe them into our music and thus make it richer.

What can we expect from TMKC in the near future?

We will be introducing TMKC Electronica, where we will strengthen the band by adding a Music producer, this would help diversify our music while retaining our Acoustic strengths and it would also give us an opportunity to tap into a broader audience.

You can catch TMKC’s rocking performances here.

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