ISL: Indian Players rising to the occasion

The Indian Super League started with the promise of uplifting Indian Football out of its slump and enable world’s most popular sport to capture the imagination of 1.2 billion people. Indian’s left their mark throughout the inaugural season, starting with the first Indian goal by Balwant Singh in the 5th Match to the moment when Mohammed Rafique scored the winning goal in the finale, a fitting tribute to the Indian footballing talent. Expectations were higher from the Indian contingent in the 2nd season, but no-one could have anticipated this dream start with an Indian player scoring a goal in each of the first 5 matches, looks like ISL has started delivering on its promise. In this post, we celebrate all the Indian goal scores of ISL 2015.

1. Chennaiyin FC v/s Atletico de Kolkata – Jeje Lalpekhlua, the 24 years old from Mizoram, earned the distinction of being the first Indian goal scorer in ISL 2015 when he scored an equalizer for Chennaiyin FC against the defending champions


2. FC Goa v/s Delhi Dynamos FC – Mandar Rao Dessai, the local lad for FC Goa who had quite a few assists last season but couldn’t get on the scoring sheet scored the first goal for the Zico managed side in the opening minutes of the match which helped ‘The Gaurs’ win the contest


3. FC Pune City v/s Mumbai City FC – Israil Gurung, Pune’s winger scored the third goal after Tuncay’s brace in the high octane Maha Derby to seal the victory for his side.


4. Kerala Blasters FC v/s NorthEast United FC – Mohd. Rafi, scored a goal and assisted another on his debut for Kerala Blasters and led his side to a 3-1 victory in front of a capacity crowd at Kochi


5. FC Goa v/s Atletico de Kolkata- Keenan Almeida, a home-grown defender for Goa, scored the levelling goal in the dying moments of the match against Atletico de Kolkata which helped the Goan side to salvage a draw


Few in today’s generation would be aware of the glorious past of Indian Football during which India won two Asian Games gold medals in 1951 and 1962, ISL is an initiative to restore this lost glory and hopefully it would pay rich dividends in the near future, till then, Lets Football!

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WhatsApp + Bobble – An Amazing Growth Hack


In September, while we were launching Brisky on Play Store, we faced the most fundamental question accompanying any product launch, how do we create a buzz about the product? Conventional methods like social media  and content marketing through our Blog gave us brand visibility, but these didn’t translate into downloads which was the ultimate objective. 

Over the past few months, we were debating the use of Whatsapp as a marketing tool. Whatsapp has become an intrinsic part of our lives, so much so, that we don’t even consider it as an application anymore it has become a basic need. But we had 2 reservations regarding the efficacy of the platform-

  1. WhatsApp by its nature is a private network, which in a way limits the reach in comparison to Facebook or Twitter as there is no social sharing which is critical in spreading the word
  2. There are only 3 tools that WhatsApp offered for Marketing (at least that is what we could think of)- Broadcast Messages, Profile Picture and Status, we ruled out Broadcast messages because people are generally reluctant to do it as it felt like spamming, so we decided to use the latter two but the question still remained, How?

Then enters Bobble into the scene, which completely blew us away with its highly engaging concept. For those who don’t know, Bobble is an Indian application that helps you create your own stickers using selfies, they have a host of quirky layouts that you can choose from to convey almost every possible feeling. 

We realized that Whatsapp+ Bobble could possibly be the lethal combination that could catapult us towards our target and decided to give it a shot.This is what we did- We made Bobbles for our friends with the text “Brisky Download Karo Bhai” and asked them to put this picture as their Whatsapp Profile Picture for 2-3 days.


Some of our finest bobbles


The results of this hack were pleasantly surprising as we got 5X downloads in 3 days as compared to the number of downloads that we got in the 10 days prior to launching this campaign.

There were two very important insights that we derived out of this experiment-

1. Making friends put the Bobbles as their Profile Picture was a cakewalk unlike the usual begging that is required for making them share posts and this also saved us from the frequent allegations that we are misusing their friendship as all of them loved the Bobbles, therefore were more than happy to oblige. This speaks volumes about the engaging nature of Bobbles as people want to use it which makes it much easier to create the virality that all of us seek.

2. While the initial request was only to keep the picture for 2-3 days, as it turns out, almost everyone had it for 2 days but many of them still have it as their profile picture i.e, almost 10 days later, this was the biggest gain for us and a testament of the effectiveness of this method.

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TMKC: The Weavers of Nostalgia


Imagine someone who could take you down the memory lane by singing some of your favorite songs that you haven’t heard in a long while and fill you with this overwhelming feeling of Nostalgia, you would adore them won’t you? This is why TMKC is loved by thousands because this is exactly what they do. Teri Music Ki Chahat (TMKC), a band which is an amalgamation of individual brilliance of Lakshya Bhatnagar, Gulshan Jethwani and Nikhil Bailur will make you groove to their heart-melting music, which includes renditions of classics like “Sadho Re”, “Ek Radha Ek Meera” and many more. We at Brisky caught up with these Maestros of Nostalgia, here are the edited excerpts:

What is the story behind TMKC’s formation?

Our genesis was in our college ISBM, where we were solo artists until Rishabh (of Brahmastra fame), our senior, recommended that we should form a band as our skills were complementary, thus TMKC was born. We participated in a lot of college competitions and happened to win quite a few of those, this is how it all started.

Coming up with a ‘Legitimate’ expansion for TMKC must have been quite challenging, how did you manage that?

It’s pretty evident that it’s an impromptu name, because if we would have given it a thought we would have definitely gone for something else. We needed a name, just before our first gig was announced, random suggestions came up including TMKC, which we liked the most as it was quite funky, but then the real challenge was to find a socially acceptable expansion which can be announced in front of professors and since we wanted to entertain people with the music they want to hear, we zeroed in on Teri Music ki Chahat.

‘Retro Repair’ is an interesting way to define your Music, tell us more about it?

All of us are rebels, we didn’t like singing the songs the traditional way, instead we wanted to give them a contemporary touch, this led us to renditions. Many beautiful retro songs are unheard or forgotten by today’s generation, so these songs presented us with a perfect opportunity to ‘repair’ them and present it in a way in which people could relate to them

It’s a dream for many to perform at the Kingdom of Dreams, how did this achievement come about?

MTV Colors of Youth auditions were happening in Pune, we went there both as solo artists and as a band, the brilliant part is that the judges which included Nikhil Chinappa were impressed by our individual performances as well as our collective performance as a band, so we got shortlisted as TMKC band. After clearing regionals, we performed at the Nationals in ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ in front of 2,000 people with the crowd going crazy at our beats, the whole experience was surreal.

Lakshya, you dropped out in the third year of college to pursue Music, it’s a dilemma faced by many people, what made you take this Leap of faith?

Lakshya: I was interested in Music since my school choir days. In engineering college also I used to spend more time with my Guitar than Books, this led to the realization that Music is my life and I dropped out. Moved to Mumbai, took up a day job in JP Morgan Chase while simultaneously working on my Music, in the process also composed songs for a movie called ‘Chai Garam’ directed by Aditya Bhatt of Table No. 21 fame. Later, decided to complete my graduation, so joined ISBM but the Music bug didn’t leave me and thus TMKC came into existence. Recently I have quit my job, 6 months after I got married, which is quite a difficult thing to do but my wife’s unwavering support made it a lot easier. I think self-belief is what helps you make these tough decisions.

Your Medleys are a rage with your fans, what makes you select a particular song as a part of these medleys?

We take up any song which we think can be renditioned to create that magic which will touch the hearts of our audience. We experiment a lot with the songs by adding English lyrics, changing the mood and playing with the tempo to give it a distinctive TMKC touch. It’s a wide spectrum of songs that we deal with ranging from some which are very popular, to those which people have forgotten about and the rare ones which have never been released like Mast Hua which is only on YouTube.

What is your dream for TMKC?

We don’t want to restrict TMKC to just a few individuals rather we want to build a community, where we partner with people to create some insane music. The dream is to take a road trip to explore different facets of Indian Music and learn the local flavors, imbibe them into our music and thus make it richer.

What can we expect from TMKC in the near future?

We will be introducing TMKC Electronica, where we will strengthen the band by adding a Music producer, this would help diversify our music while retaining our Acoustic strengths and it would also give us an opportunity to tap into a broader audience.

You can catch TMKC’s rocking performances here.

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ISL 101- The Rise of a Footballing Nation


Indian Super League in its first year had managed to capture the imagination of the entire country. With the second Season around the corner, we are starting a series of posts which would serve as a guide for the newbies to ISL world, so that this time around you can also be a part of the conversation. In the first in this series, we introduce the ISL. Let’s football!

1. Celebrity Quotient


Celebrity love for Football came to fore when ISL was announced with the two biggest rage of India, Bollywood and Cricket coming together to give the most followed sport in the world it’s deserved position in a nation which has often been described as a “sleeping giant” in Football.

2. The Firepower


One of the main reasons behind Season 1′s popularity was a star-studded line-up of Football legends which included Zico, the legendary Brazillian player and coach also known as ‘White Pele’, Materazzi , the Italian who is remembered for the now infamous Headbutt incident with Zidane in the 2006 World Cup final and the controversial yet hugely successful Nicolas Anelka amongst others

3. The Big Four


In its inaugural season itself ISL earned the prestigious distinction of being the 4th most watched Football League in the world with a record-breaking more than 1 million fans enjoying the matches in 8 stadiums, trailing only Bundesliga, Premier League and La Liga in terms of average attendance at venues.

4. India’s best Missing in Action


Indian Football’s poster boy, Sunil Chhetri couldn’t play in Season 1 as his I-League club Bengaluru FC refused to release its players for the inaugural season, but this time around the Indian captain will be donning the Mumbai FC jersey which lapped him up for a whopping amount of 1.20 crore in the domestic players draft

5. Long-Term Impact on Football


In line with ISL’s vision of creating a Football Nation, the teams are mandated to undertake a comprehensive Grassroots development programme, with the aim of exposing kids aged between 6 and 14 years to Global Best Practices and nurture an ecosystem by engaging schools thereby enabling Football to thrive at the Grassroot level

6.  High-Quality Play


To ensure international standard Football action, each team can have a maximum of 6 foreign players in the playing XI implying a minimum of 5 Indian players. Apart from this each team should have a Marquee Player who has played at the highest levels. Chennaiyin FC and Kerala Blasters marquee signings, Marco Materazzi and David James also doubled up as Managers.

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The Band with a soul- Fiddlecraft


Fiddlecraft, a band that has taken Pune’s music scene by storm with their breathtaking original compositions and has enthralled the Punekars with its distinctive Indie rock music which boasts of 200+ titles including “ Eeh Jhalli”, “ Jaddo Tona” and “Call centre ne thug liya re”. The team comprises of Gaurav, Sudeep, Akshay, Narayanan and Atul. Gaurav, a man of many talents who has never received any formal training has been breathing music for the past 10 years. He wears multiple hats of lead vocalist, lyricist and composer and Sudeep is the band manager who with his business acumen has been instrumental in building the Fiddlecraft brand. Their music is soulful because their souls are beautiful; here is an excerpt from their interview:

When did the idea of having a band strike you?

In 2013, there was a big musical event in our company, at which we decided to perform and then organized an audition to select the team at the end of which we selected 20 people. We received a lot of appreciation and continued to perform at festivals and our internal corporate events with the band size reducing to 7 members over a period of time. But this is how we got the first inkling that we can have our own band.

 So how did Fiddlecraft come into existence?

We wanted to perform in the 2014 edition of Sunday Soul Sante, an annual flea market but when we enquired the organizers told us to our dismay that there were only 3 slots for the main stage for which prominent bands from Bangalore were already booked, but they suggested that we can compete on the talent stage and we accepted the offer. One of the judges was Ma Faiza, the Mother of EDM, loved our compositions and we went on to win the competition. The thrilling part was that the same organizers who rejected us for the main stage after seeing the audience euphoria asked us to perform on the main stage. Encouragement from Ma Faiza and our mundane jobs eventually led us to start our own band.

Getting appreciation from Ma Faiza must have been a big deal, can you elaborate on her influence on shaping this band?

Gaurav: After the competition, Ma Faiza invited me to her home and motivated me to pursue my passions fearlessly. The biggest compliment that I got from her was when she said, “What moved me was not only your Music but also your soul”, it really left a mark on me. She has been our guiding light since. 

Naming a band is a tricky thing and often very time consuming as well, how did you come up with yours?

Fiddlecraft is derived from ‘Fiddle’ since we used to experiment with different genres and compose for different situations, hence the name.

The peppy lyrics of your original compositions send your fans into a frenzy, what is your source of inspiration for such foot tapping numbers?

Gaurav: A great artist is one who can make a song on emotions which he has never experienced himself and make people relate to it. I think it’s a mix of your personal experiences and things that you observe around you. I choose themes that people can connect to, for instance, I wrote a song on Bartending which the entire Bartender community could instantly relate to. I have been writing and composing my own songs for quite some time now, approximately 10 years, so from the moment an idea strikes me to the final composition the process is streamlined and doesn’t consume a lot of time.

Recently you did your 50th show in Pune, so how does it feel to achieve this milestone in mere 4 months?

It’s a great feeling to see all the consistent hard work that we have put in for years bearing fruit, but honestly speaking this is just the beginning and we are determined to take Fiddlecraft to its full potential. We endeavor to showcase India’s raw music at the world stage.

What more can we expect from Fiddlecraft in the coming days?

Sudeep: The vision is to become a household name. In the near future, the idea is to perform in multiple cities and related discussions are in an advanced stage. We also plan to release a new song towards the end of this year and apart from that we will continue to entertain our fans with our brand of music all across Pune.

A lot of youth dream about forming their own band, any advice for them?

Don’t sing covers because it makes carving your own identity a daunting task as people will always credit Bryan Adams for Summer of 69 irrespective of its million covers. Original compositions will help you to identify your own style of music which in turn, will hold you in good stead in the long term. And having a band doesn’t guarantee girls drooling over you. Keep Rocking!

You can watch Fiddlecraft’s stellar performances here.

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7 things that we learned from TVF Pitchers

Pitchers has disrupted the Indian Entertainment scene in an unprecedented manner. The impact of the series can be gauged by the fact that it has encouraged a lot of youngsters, who were sitting at the fence to take the entrepreneurial plunge. Here, we look at some of the most important lessons that Pitchers taught us.

1. Believe in yourself– Rejecting Gary’s proposal showed why it is important to realize your true potential and not get overwhelmed by money. 


 2. Work for passion, not promotions- Jitu and Naveen leaving lucrative opportunities in their existing jobs is a perfect example of how important it is to take a leap of faith and work with full commitment while chasing your dreams


3. Team spirit– What made them clinch the funding was not their individual brilliance, but it was the way they complimented each other. Team is more about partnerships than talent


5. Grab every opportunity– Naveen going onto the stage despite failing to meet Khanna’s conditions reminded us the need to grab each and every opportunity that comes our way and not to accept ‘No’ for an answer easily. 


6. Be a rebel (cautiously though)– Our parents stop us because they want to protect us, but it’s also important to listen to our gut feeling, because at the end of the day all they want us to be, is succesful and at times we are a better judge of it.


6. Woman power – Shreya and Saumya both prove to be amazing emotional anchors for Naveen and Jitu respectively. Though not necessary, but it’s always good to have someone always looking out for you.


7. Get over the Inertia – Arguably the most important lesson, “Tu Beer Hai” , the quirky quote had a deep profound meaning that it is only those who have the courage to act instead of just cribbing, go on to make a difference.


Share your learnings in the comments below.

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9 Things a Bootstrapped Entrepreneur would relate to

As the start-up craze is growing in India, we see a lot of youth quitting their lucrative jobs to get a taste of entrepreneurship.

We at Brisky took this decision five months back. The idea popped up with a solution for a basic problem faced by all the party-goers.

Till now the journey has been exciting and at times really tough. We share few of our experiences to which every bootstrapped entrepreneur would relate to.

1) You really don’t care about your looks and the clothes you wear. You know your skills will take over everything.


                                            I am Sexy and I know it !!

2) By now you have realized that you are suffering from this disease of Day Dreaming (MD) 


                                        Hai Ghar! Hai Paisa! Hai Gaadi!                                                                                     (Sab sapno mein)

3) You visit malls just to select things for future purchase


                                Bhai! Funding ke baad ye toh pakka lena h!

4) You always think about investors, but you don’t show it to others. 


            I don’t give a fuck about investors! I just want to focus on my                                                               product.

5) That feeling when you get a good Customer feedback. 


6) Customers are your Mai-Baap.


                                            Tumhare liye Kuch bhi !!

7) If you are single, you really crave for a girlfriend who would pamper you and support you at tough times.


                                  Please..Koi aake mujhe Samjhao !!

8) However, not having a girlfriend hardly matters if you are a Mumma’s boy


                                       Beta!! Bhagwan sab thik kardega.

9) At the end of the day, you always know from inside that one day you will make it through.


Being a Bootstrapped entrepreneur is one of the toughest experience but at the same time it teaches the most important lessons of life. Just enjoy this ride and don’t worry, because Heaven’s got a plan for everyone.

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