Things we do on Saturdays

Weekends are the most awaited part of the whole week. Friday brings in the happiness and Sunday, the anxiety of a Monday. So, we are left with Saturday as the best day.
Here are a few things we generally do on this day-

1. Sleeeep till our heart’s content

2. Laundry, ’cause that pile needs to go,       NOW

3. Get errands done, ’cause when else?

4. Treat ourselves, ’cause why not?!

5. Partayyy, ’cause Saturday night is synonymous with partying

Post the daily chores, one should party like never before. Make most of your Saturday nights with Brisky

For all you beer lovers, have a look at the five beer myths busted!

1. Beer gives ‘beer belly’

NO, it doesn’t! Moderate consumption has no ill effect on ones health. Excessive drinking may lead to weight gain but that is the case with every other drink as well ain’t it?

2. Ice-cold beer be best!

Not necessarily. It depends on the type of beer. Some should be served cold and others a bit warmer. The variance is for people to enjoy the beer and its ingredients better, which for sure doesn’t always mean ice cold.

3. Darker is better.

Honestly, colour of the beer doesn’t determine if the beer is strong or not. It is just an indicative of its flavour and that’s all. Few blonde beers are stronger as well. In the end it is just about the preference.

4. Beer tastes bitter.

Beer has a vast variety of flavours and types that it just isn’t fair to generalise them all as bitter. There are beers with sweeter and fruity tastes as well. This myth is generated due to lack of tasting and pre-conceived notions. Not all of them are bitter.

5. All beers contain added preservatives.

Nope. They simply don’t need them. Their key components hop and alcohol already ensure the freshness and longer shelf life. So beers are free from additions.

With these common myths busted, enjoy it to the T with Brisky and sate you beer appetite.

Love for beer is something we mutually share. Rising above the stereotype, the beer drinkers are experimenting and so are the breweries. Overall production less than the large-scale corporate breweries, ‘Craft beer’ is gradually finding its patrons.

What is a Craft Brewery,  you ask?

(Img Courtesy-

One that produces small amounts of beer, much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, is independently owned, generally characterised by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique.

Craft beer is BLISS!

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Freshly brewed, high in quality and traditional, ‘Craft Beer’ develops the essence of loyalty and exclusivity. It has been highly successful in catering to the whims of the extensively brand-conscious drinkers.

Trending in Hyderabad!

Craft Breweries are mushrooming all over the city and how! Experimenting people are ditching their conventional bottled beer for these freshly brewed pints. And have started appreciating their gulps and relishing the moments with their gang.
Breweries where you can experience the phenomenon include-


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It stands for its vibrant ambience, enhancing the flavour of spirit. Fancy decor combined with a humanly touch, it is the ideal place for your memorable evening.


(Img Courtesy-

Stating to be the best brewery in Hyderabad,  ZERO40 BREWING  has the vibes that will take you high, and drinks that will keep you up there.


(Img Courtesy-

Super cool crowd and hip ambience, HYLIFE’S crew ensures you the best brew.

So, sate your beer appetite by venturing out to these places and wait for the slew of breweries coming your way soon. Use Brisky to stay tuned and get hold of these pints.

Types Of Dancers You Will Find At Pubs

Every pub, irrespective of its theme or the kind of music being played will have these 7 varieties of dancers at any given time!



  • The Party Starters

These are not just the people who are the soul of every group but are also the life of the party. Brilliant dancers themselves these also get others grooving with them. These are the focal point with everyone dancing around them.

  • The Finger Pointers

Finger pointing is a stage for many in their dance journey. They experience it when the alcohol just kicks in and they want everyone around them to groove along. But, a good number of people are often stuck here and don’t venture out into moving anything other than their hands and point fingers are friends with gusto.

Fist Pumping


  • The Air Punchers

This is the group of wannabe dancers who are very conscious about the moves they make! They have one or both their first punching the air and tap their feet occasionally while fluttering around.

You would’ve already guessed it right – as they punch, their favourite expression is a ‘Yo!’



  • The Impressionists

These people, mostly men, are impeccable dancers who have mastered classical moves or prominent moves of various artists in a mirrored dance studio! They just have one aim in mind – ‘to impress all the ladies.’

The dance floor is the stage and the impressionist is the once dancer in a reality show with just one judge – the lady he’s trying to impress!

“*Insert favourite swear word* hai woh!”



  • Jumping Jack-ers

They are the happiest people in the set-up..Or maybe it’s just alcohol! The jumping jackers just jump as high as they can and cover every inch of the dance floor and act as the greatest motivation for people to join along!

The next day’s morning is a guilty one, though. *Beware*


  • Drunk BFFs

The ones that form a circle and behave as if they are the only people in the club and coordinate their signature move. Attention-seekers that they are, they peak out at regular intervals to ensure they are getting their due attention


  • Cloners

This is about 99% of the dancing population. These are stalkers and usually, unleash their ‘Killer’ moves which are mostly inspired from the remaining 1% who are familiar with the dance art



To find out which type you belong to, use Brisky to explore and make bookings for events happening at nightclubs and pubs tonight. Download Brisky’s Android app here.

6 Places to World Cup T20 Live Screenings

Cricket fever is back! India being the host nation of the ICC Worldcup T20, has only amplified the euphoria. Coming into the tournament,

India were the clear favorites with 10 wins in the last 11
T20I but a defeat at the hands of New
Zealand in the first match came as a rude shock. But the eternal optimists in us, reminds us that this is the repeat telecast of the 2007 edition and we all know how that one ended. It’s a special tournament which deserves to be enjoyed on a BIG screen in an electric environment with 100s of fans and most importantly a continuous stream of BEER. We bring you a list of places that should be your venue for this T20 World Cup

1) The 1st Brewhouse

the name suggests, The 1st Brewhouse was the first microbrewery to open in Pune. The
place has got pleasant ambience with indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. The
screens are placed at apt locations where you can enjoy the view from any table.
Try out their German sausage platter and freshly brewed beers with a great
crowd this Worldcup season.    


2) Aufside at Hotfut

the best place to enjoy a sports match in Pune. If you are looking for a
stadium like experience, you should definitely visit this place. During special matches the entire Hotfut ground is packed with sports
fans enjoying the Live screenings on a big screen.


3) Independence Brewing Company

To all the fans looking for a great match ambience and lip smacking food, this is the place for you. Owing to a spread out Table layout it is quite spacious, and one of the biggest screens in the city make it an ideal choice for enjoying the match with tons of fans holding mugs of freshly brewed Beer


4) Fly High

One of the most promising upcoming Pubs in the City. Located in Magarpatta, the place underwent a major renovation especially for the T20 Worldcup
and are now screening the matches on the BIG screen. The best part about this place is there are no Entry
Charges ..;)



If you want to enjoy late night match screening, then this
is THE PLACE TO BE. The recently opened Pub in Dhole Patil, is getting rave reviews
for it’s food. They have got some insane offers going on during the Worldcup.
Do try their butter garlic prawns with a flavored T20 match.


6) AFK 

Before you make any guesses, we would like to tell AFK
stands for ‘Alter Figo Kresyndo’. The new boy in the town is giving youngsters
enough reasons to become spoiled. Enjoy the T20 matches live screening with their
exotic food and signature BIRA pitchers.

For the best match screening experience in Pune Download Brisky and enjoy the match on a Big screen with 100′s of fans in an electric environment. Want a free entry, a free pitcher or 50% off on your next out match screening, play Brisky’s Fantasy League inside the app to win these and many more exciting prizes.