Here’s what is brewing in Hyderabad this weekend

This weekend is going to be a long one, so we have made sure to bring the best of our city on your platter. Read away and we’re sure you’re going to want to try one of them out this weekend…

chama gaucha

OktoberfestThe only Brazilian Barbecue in town is celebrating Oktoberfest all month long. Need we say more?
Indulge away before the month end!
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olive bistro

New menu – Famous for their ambience, lively music and just about anything, Olive Bistro have an updated menu in place. Which we insist you gorge into this weekend.

Give the fresh menu a look here!

hcc – jubilee hills

Yes! You read it right, this Sunday your favourite is set up to get better!
They’ve got 7 artists and 6 of their craft beers and much more to make your Sunday evening an amazing one.

Watch this space for more…

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From laid back last-minute plans to a suited up date night ask our expert, Aarti, for any of your nightlife recommendations because being a food blogger she always knows what this city is up to.

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This Week’s Top 3 Places

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Top 5 assumptions men have about ladies nights!

Ladies nights have a lot of ladies.

So most men assume that when such nights happen, it means that there will be a lot of  ladies there. Has to right? After all it is LADIES Night!!


Well, sorry to burst your little bubble. It actually turns out that a lot of men think just like you and chances are that it will turn out to be a sausage fest!

Most ladies will be single ladies.

Another popular assumptions most men carry are that women who come to such nights are usually single and ready to mingle. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong about this!

Ladies night
Most women are either taken, or just not interested. Even if they remotely were, they didn’t come there to get hit on by men for sure.

Plenty of fish to fry.

Most men seem to believe that since there will be a lot of women there, they can try their charm. Well, to be honest guys, if it didn’t work with one of them, chances are it won’t work with any of them!

ladies night
They are clearly not there to meet guys and be hit upon. So giving them space will be good for your ego.

Drunk much? I can take you home!

I hope you are not one of those men who think that the more a girl is drunk the easier she will be.

ladies night
Surprise surprise, if she is too drunk to even know how to walk, you my friend are going to be totally out of luck here.

Joy ride.  

Another assumption that is hugely popular is that women come dressed up for men. An important fact is that women get dressed up irrespective of this. Women just like to feel good about themselves at a ladies night and hence always ensure to step out in style.

ladies night
So men, don’t sweat about it.

Find some of the best nights in hyderabad here next time you wish to step out in style! 😉

And ladies, if you are really interested, then find out how to pick up a guy at a bar here!

Don’t whine about wine! 5 reasons why we think you should try it today.

Drinking Wine keeps your mind sharp!

We want you to know that we care for you and your memory so please allow wine to be a part of your life.

So go ahead and open that bottle already.

Live longer than other spirit consumers.

Science says that wine drinkers have 34% lower death rate than other spirit drinkers!

It is proved! check out this article here: Drink more, Live longer

Well well well, how about that huh.

Your taste buds will thank you and that bottle of wine later.

Drinking a bottle of Merlot/Shiraz is known to increase your sense of taste significantly.

So all you food lovers, Drink up!

No disease is good disease.

Drinking wine can prevent gum disease. One glass more for me please!

Check out more about this here: keep your gums healthy

Need we say more?

Keep depression at bay, drink wine.

When we consume other spirits when depressed, we only tend to get more depressed! However, drinking one bottle of Chateau per week can actually make you happier! My day couldn’t get better than this!

Read more about it here: keep depression at bay

Has anyone seen my bottle?

Also check out our other blog about where you could go out tonight, Let your hair down in Hyderabad

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Love for beer is something we mutually share. Rising above the stereotype, the beer drinkers are experimenting and so are the breweries. Overall production less than the large-scale corporate breweries, ‘Craft beer’ is gradually finding its patrons.

What is a Craft Brewery,  you ask?

(Img Courtesy-

One that produces small amounts of beer, much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, is independently owned, generally characterised by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique.

Craft beer is BLISS!

(Img Courtesy-

Freshly brewed, high in quality and traditional, ‘Craft Beer’ develops the essence of loyalty and exclusivity. It has been highly successful in catering to the whims of the extensively brand-conscious drinkers.

Trending in Hyderabad!

Craft Breweries are mushrooming all over the city and how! Experimenting people are ditching their conventional bottled beer for these freshly brewed pints. And have started appreciating their gulps and relishing the moments with their gang.
Breweries where you can experience the phenomenon include-


(Img Courtesy-

It stands for its vibrant ambience, enhancing the flavour of spirit. Fancy decor combined with a humanly touch, it is the ideal place for your memorable evening.


(Img Courtesy-

Stating to be the best brewery in Hyderabad,  ZERO40 BREWING  has the vibes that will take you high, and drinks that will keep you up there.


(Img Courtesy-

Super cool crowd and hip ambience, HYLIFE’S crew ensures you the best brew.

So, sate your beer appetite by venturing out to these places and wait for the slew of breweries coming your way soon. Use Brisky to stay tuned and get hold of these pints.

Types Of Dancers You Will Find At Pubs

Every pub, irrespective of its theme or the kind of music being played will have these 7 varieties of dancers at any given time!



  • The Party Starters

These are not just the people who are the soul of every group but are also the life of the party. Brilliant dancers themselves these also get others grooving with them. These are the focal point with everyone dancing around them.

  • The Finger Pointers

Finger pointing is a stage for many in their dance journey. They experience it when the alcohol just kicks in and they want everyone around them to groove along. But, a good number of people are often stuck here and don’t venture out into moving anything other than their hands and point fingers are friends with gusto.

Fist Pumping


  • The Air Punchers

This is the group of wannabe dancers who are very conscious about the moves they make! They have one or both their first punching the air and tap their feet occasionally while fluttering around.

You would’ve already guessed it right – as they punch, their favourite expression is a ‘Yo!’



  • The Impressionists

These people, mostly men, are impeccable dancers who have mastered classical moves or prominent moves of various artists in a mirrored dance studio! They just have one aim in mind – ‘to impress all the ladies.’

The dance floor is the stage and the impressionist is the once dancer in a reality show with just one judge – the lady he’s trying to impress!

“*Insert favourite swear word* hai woh!”



  • Jumping Jack-ers

They are the happiest people in the set-up..Or maybe it’s just alcohol! The jumping jackers just jump as high as they can and cover every inch of the dance floor and act as the greatest motivation for people to join along!

The next day’s morning is a guilty one, though. *Beware*


  • Drunk BFFs

The ones that form a circle and behave as if they are the only people in the club and coordinate their signature move. Attention-seekers that they are, they peak out at regular intervals to ensure they are getting their due attention


  • Cloners

This is about 99% of the dancing population. These are stalkers and usually, unleash their ‘Killer’ moves which are mostly inspired from the remaining 1% who are familiar with the dance art



To find out which type you belong to, use Brisky to explore and make bookings for events happening at nightclubs and pubs tonight. Download Brisky’s Android app here.

6 things you NEED to do in your first 2 months in Hyderabad


It’s the relocation season. Most of you reading this right now must have just moved into the city. New job, new city and entirely new set of opportunities. Here’s a list of 6 things you shouldn’t miss out in your first 2 months in the city :


1.Drink Irani Chai 



Source : Gulf News


Coming to this city of Nawabs, if there is one definitive thing that you will find all around you is Irani Chai. Every sip of this 90 mL delicacy comes with a taste of the city’s heritage. Read more about it here.



2. Drive around Necklace Road



Source : Hyderabad 360


Second entry to the list is none other than a drive around the famous Hussain Sagar Lake at night to see the city lit up, a sight you will keep with you forever.



3. Eat Biriyani in Hi-Tech City/ Madhapur 



Source : Kohinoor India


Ditch the really famous outlets, to taste the true Hyderabadi Biriyani, you’ll have to go searching for it. Hi-Tech City/ Madhapur is a good place to start your search for the worlds best biriyani.



4. Visit Golkonda Fort 



Source : The History Hub


Maybe one of the more popular ones, but it is a sight to behold at night. Check this off your list now!



5.  Syala Drive-In at 3 in the night



Source: Syala Drive-In


The city will never let you go to sleep hungry. With the wide array of Drive-Ins open across the city, you will find a relief to your hunger pangs every single time.



6. Ram Ki Bandi



Source : Chai Bisket 


By now you must have got a rough idea of how good food is here. In short, Ram does not sell just delectable Dosas and Buttter Idlys, he sells the whole experience. Atleast once in your first 60 days you need to make sure you visit this Bandi, you sure will leave with a lot of memories.


What are you waiting for ? Go check these off your list now, and do check back soon, we’ll tell you what and not to do in your next 60 days here.


And to stay updated about the most happening events and nightlife around you, Download Brisky here.

10 reasons why your 20’s should be spent in Hyderabad

Your 20’s are perhaps the most transient time in your life. From graduating college and finding your first job to making your career dreams a reality and the many milestones in between, a lot of things can happen in those 10 years of young adulthood – so why not add moving to a new city to your list?

Here’s why Hyderabad is the perfect city for you!


1) Cosmopolitan



Source : Extravel Money


Being cosmopolitan in nature, Hyderabad is suitable for a person from any part of India. You will find colonies of Gujarati, Marwari, Sindhi and many other regional backgrounds in Hyderabad. People coming to Hyderabad feel at home in a very short time. Also, Hyderabadis are very helpful and you will often find any person ready to give you directions or help an old woman cross a road.



2) Wide Roads



Source : Egis India


Now this might be a weird one, but trust me this one goes a long way. Most of the city grew slowly giving the municipality a good enough time to build the roads in a better fashion. There might be lot of dust but wider roads makes the driving more comfortable.



3) Shoppers Stop



Source : Outlook Traveller


Street shopping or high-end shopping, the city’s got it all. And you just can’t escape Charminar bazaar for the pearls, if you step foot here. If you are a shopaholic, this is where you need to spending your money!



4) Nightlife




One of the best cities where nights are as busy as days. Hyderabad with its ever evolving nightlife scene has been breaking stereotypes. With the number of pubs in city increasing hysterically, there’s no stopping Hyderabad on the dance floor. Get your weekend party scene going here!



5) The bigger, the better!



Source : Noble Amazing World


Hyderabad houses the largest IMAX 3D screen in the world. (Bigger, Better, Truer Quality) .Prasad’s IMAX theatre is visionary and promises to deliver a larger than life experience for movie buffs. And also where else would you see the railway station from Jab We Met and the sprawling gardens from Jodha Akbar, right next to each other anywhere other than Ramoji film city. This is the perfect city for you movie buffs out there!



6) Scenic is an understatement



Source : The Hans India 


It is a bliss to stroll in the evenings or go for a boat ride at the Hussain Sagar Lake. Plus the drive along the Necklace Road can any day beat Marine Drive’s hollow.



7) Because Hyderabad is a virtual melting pot of cultures.



Source : Gaurav Travels


Hyderabad is such a large hearted city, assimilating the pre and post modernism with equal warmth. The tehzeeb and courteousness here is beyond compare.



8) Drive – Ins


driveinsSource : Whats Up Life


When your hunger pangs hit, Hyderabad and its Late Night Drive-ins won’t let you go to bed hungry. Scattered across the city, these drive ins are the city’s official after drinking pit stops.



9) Because it is Cyberabad!



Source : Microsoft


It is the first choice of Microsoft, Google and Facebook to develop roots in India. Clearly, one of major software hubs in India.



And last but definitely not the least,



10) Biriyani



Source : Kohinoor India


Hyderabad is truly the best place to live in for a food lover. All Hyderabadis are known to be spicy food lovers! And the good news is, they’re all easy on your pocket.


Pack your bags, the city is waiting with open arms! And to stay updated about the most happening events in this beautiful city, download Brisky here.

Hyderabadi traditions, in every sip

Every city has its own distinct traditions. India, with all its rich culture and heritage, has a plethora of such small-small traditions, which define a certain place.


One such city is Hyderabad, the cyber city of modern India, which despite all its technological advancements, hasn’t given up on its origins. It is amongst the rare places where buildings spanning skylines and forts from the distant past co-exist peacefully.


Source : Gulf News

Ask any Hyderabadi, there are a certain number of things anyone coming to the city for the first time just can’t afford to miss. This list is topped by Irani Chai, which has a rich history. Hyderabadis and their Chai are a match made in heaven. Introduced by settlers from Persia during the last century when they came to Mumbai’s ports for better life and trade. And from Mumbai they migrated to Pune and then to Hyderabad.


Source : Gulf News

The difference between another Indian Chai and Irani Chai is the way it is made. Tea leaves with water are boiled in a separate container, and milk in another. While serving, the milk is poured first, and then the tea leaves solution is infused into it. This way of serving can still be witnessed in places that still retain that exclusive Iranian touch. The unique taste remains the same, irrespective of time.

The speciality doesn’t end here, it extends to the serving quantity and style. In most places, it is served in white ceramic cups and saucers, and a standard 90 ml each, also giving it the name 90 ml chai.


Photo by : Kishor Krishnamoorthi – Concorde 

Irani Chai, in most places, is served with one of the other city’s favourite, Osmania biscuits. Like everything else in this city, these biscuits have a rich tradition themselves. They were first baked on the demand of the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan, who wanted a snack that balanced the right amount of sweetness and saltiness. From there on, its popularity surged, making it a city staple along with our beloved Irani chai.


Photo Credits : Sangeetha Devi Dundoo and G. Ramakrishna

The Irani chai that is served today is a very evolved version of the original one. It’s been adapted to fit our fast paced lifestyle. Originally, it is had in an unsweetened manner, with just tea leaves and water, no milk. This is enjoyed along with a large granule of sugar tucked behind the cheek and in small savoury sips.


The Old City has many Irani cafes, which are still preserving this trademark of Hyderabad. If you are planning a trip to the City to Nawabs, visiting one of these should be on your must-do list.

Another thing to add to your must-do list is to download Brisky, to stay updated about the most happening nightlife events in Hyderabad. Get the app here.