6 things you NEED to do in your first 2 months in Hyderabad


It’s the relocation season. Most of you reading this right now must have just moved into the city. New job, new city and entirely new set of opportunities. Here’s a list of 6 things you shouldn’t miss out in your first 2 months in the city :


1.Drink Irani Chai 



Source : Gulf News


Coming to this city of Nawabs, if there is one definitive thing that you will find all around you is Irani Chai. Every sip of this 90 mL delicacy comes with a taste of the city’s heritage. Read more about it here.



2. Drive around Necklace Road



Source : Hyderabad 360


Second entry to the list is none other than a drive around the famous Hussain Sagar Lake at night to see the city lit up, a sight you will keep with you forever.



3. Eat Biriyani in Hi-Tech City/ Madhapur 



Source : Kohinoor India


Ditch the really famous outlets, to taste the true Hyderabadi Biriyani, you’ll have to go searching for it. Hi-Tech City/ Madhapur is a good place to start your search for the worlds best biriyani.



4. Visit Golkonda Fort 



Source : The History Hub


Maybe one of the more popular ones, but it is a sight to behold at night. Check this off your list now!



5.  Syala Drive-In at 3 in the night



Source: Syala Drive-In


The city will never let you go to sleep hungry. With the wide array of Drive-Ins open across the city, you will find a relief to your hunger pangs every single time.



6. Ram Ki Bandi



Source : Chai Bisket 


By now you must have got a rough idea of how good food is here. In short, Ram does not sell just delectable Dosas and Buttter Idlys, he sells the whole experience. Atleast once in your first 60 days you need to make sure you visit this Bandi, you sure will leave with a lot of memories.


What are you waiting for ? Go check these off your list now, and do check back soon, we’ll tell you what and not to do in your next 60 days here.


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