Let your hair down in Hyderabad

Everyone eagerly waits for weekends, to relieve stress, chat over drinks and dance like no one is watching. People hit clubs for an electric ambiance and a memorable experience, that makes all the difference.

Here are few amazing nightclubs that shouldn’t be missed-

1. 10 Downing Street

Located in Gachibowli and Begumpet, this is a place with an English outlook with an Indian twist. It’s known to give the best dancing experience and famous ladies nights. If you are in confusion then this is your one stop solution.

2. Vertigo The High Life

Chilled lounge area, live bar and dance floor along with a rooftop seating that creates an awesome ambiance with its blue lighting variance, Vertigo has got it all. Located in Banjara Hills, this is a must visit.

3. Heart Cup Cafe

Outdoor seating, offbeat interiors, flooded with variety of insane events, this place has it all. With amazing food and electric vibe, this place is a hit among the youth. Located in Kondapur, Jubilee Hills and Begumpet, it is a must visit specially on the weekends.

4. Playboy Club

Don’t let its name mislead you, located in Novotel, this is one of the most freak places in Hyderabad. With an electrifying party crowd and ambiance this is a definite visit for the party animals.

5. TiKi Shack- Rooftop Bar

With the beach feels, this is another hit among the crowd. Located in Jubilee Hills, it gives you an instant rush due to its ambiance and Dj. Affordable and enjoyable this is a must visit.

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Misconceptions About Dance Clubs

With dancing being too mainstream, number of people hitting dance clubs have witnessed a rapid increase. This brings along new experiences and fresh stigmas. We sum down for you a few misconceptions about dance clubs.

1. Dj is interested in talking

No they are not. For all you know, they might have entered your city few hours ago, they are trying hard to please you all by setting their console up or are just busy doing their job.

2. Everyone is high on drugs

We know, dancing is all the more ecstatic while being high. But music is the ultimate drug that true dance lovers need and not everyone has consumed it.

3. Girl you dancing with wants to go with you

Girls love dancing anyway. But that doesn’t guarantee you taking her home tonight. So stop assuming you guys!

 4. Everyone loves the dance music

You’d be surprised to know that a lot of people come to clubs just to keep up with the trend. Not all of them are dancing music enthusiasts as you are. So, don’t be shocked if you see someone not raging as high as you.

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Things we do on Saturdays

Weekends are the most awaited part of the whole week. Friday brings in the happiness and Sunday, the anxiety of a Monday. So, we are left with Saturday as the best day.
Here are a few things we generally do on this day-

1. Sleeeep till our heart’s content

2. Laundry, ’cause that pile needs to go,       NOW

3. Get errands done, ’cause when else?

4. Treat ourselves, ’cause why not?!

5. Partayyy, ’cause Saturday night is synonymous with partying

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Love for beer is something we mutually share. Rising above the stereotype, the beer drinkers are experimenting and so are the breweries. Overall production less than the large-scale corporate breweries, ‘Craft beer’ is gradually finding its patrons.

What is a Craft Brewery,  you ask?

(Img Courtesy- www.google.com)

One that produces small amounts of beer, much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, is independently owned, generally characterised by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique.

Craft beer is BLISS!

(Img Courtesy- www.google.com)

Freshly brewed, high in quality and traditional, ‘Craft Beer’ develops the essence of loyalty and exclusivity. It has been highly successful in catering to the whims of the extensively brand-conscious drinkers.

Trending in Hyderabad!

Craft Breweries are mushrooming all over the city and how! Experimenting people are ditching their conventional bottled beer for these freshly brewed pints. And have started appreciating their gulps and relishing the moments with their gang.
Breweries where you can experience the phenomenon include-


(Img Courtesy- www.google.com)

It stands for its vibrant ambience, enhancing the flavour of spirit. Fancy decor combined with a humanly touch, it is the ideal place for your memorable evening.


(Img Courtesy- www.google.com)

Stating to be the best brewery in Hyderabad,  ZERO40 BREWING  has the vibes that will take you high, and drinks that will keep you up there.


(Img Courtesy- www.google.com)

Super cool crowd and hip ambience, HYLIFE’S crew ensures you the best brew.

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Types Of Dancers You Will Find At Pubs

Every pub, irrespective of its theme or the kind of music being played will have these 7 varieties of dancers at any given time!



  • The Party Starters

These are not just the people who are the soul of every group but are also the life of the party. Brilliant dancers themselves these also get others grooving with them. These are the focal point with everyone dancing around them.

  • The Finger Pointers

Finger pointing is a stage for many in their dance journey. They experience it when the alcohol just kicks in and they want everyone around them to groove along. But, a good number of people are often stuck here and don’t venture out into moving anything other than their hands and point fingers are friends with gusto.

Fist Pumping


  • The Air Punchers

This is the group of wannabe dancers who are very conscious about the moves they make! They have one or both their first punching the air and tap their feet occasionally while fluttering around.

You would’ve already guessed it right – as they punch, their favourite expression is a ‘Yo!’



  • The Impressionists

These people, mostly men, are impeccable dancers who have mastered classical moves or prominent moves of various artists in a mirrored dance studio! They just have one aim in mind – ‘to impress all the ladies.’

The dance floor is the stage and the impressionist is the once dancer in a reality show with just one judge – the lady he’s trying to impress!

“*Insert favourite swear word* hai woh!”



  • Jumping Jack-ers

They are the happiest people in the set-up..Or maybe it’s just alcohol! The jumping jackers just jump as high as they can and cover every inch of the dance floor and act as the greatest motivation for people to join along!

The next day’s morning is a guilty one, though. *Beware*


  • Drunk BFFs

The ones that form a circle and behave as if they are the only people in the club and coordinate their signature move. Attention-seekers that they are, they peak out at regular intervals to ensure they are getting their due attention


  • Cloners

This is about 99% of the dancing population. These are stalkers and usually, unleash their ‘Killer’ moves which are mostly inspired from the remaining 1% who are familiar with the dance art



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10 reasons why your 20’s should be spent in Hyderabad

Your 20’s are perhaps the most transient time in your life. From graduating college and finding your first job to making your career dreams a reality and the many milestones in between, a lot of things can happen in those 10 years of young adulthood – so why not add moving to a new city to your list?

Here’s why Hyderabad is the perfect city for you!


1) Cosmopolitan



Source : Extravel Money


Being cosmopolitan in nature, Hyderabad is suitable for a person from any part of India. You will find colonies of Gujarati, Marwari, Sindhi and many other regional backgrounds in Hyderabad. People coming to Hyderabad feel at home in a very short time. Also, Hyderabadis are very helpful and you will often find any person ready to give you directions or help an old woman cross a road.



2) Wide Roads



Source : Egis India


Now this might be a weird one, but trust me this one goes a long way. Most of the city grew slowly giving the municipality a good enough time to build the roads in a better fashion. There might be lot of dust but wider roads makes the driving more comfortable.



3) Shoppers Stop



Source : Outlook Traveller


Street shopping or high-end shopping, the city’s got it all. And you just can’t escape Charminar bazaar for the pearls, if you step foot here. If you are a shopaholic, this is where you need to spending your money!



4) Nightlife




One of the best cities where nights are as busy as days. Hyderabad with its ever evolving nightlife scene has been breaking stereotypes. With the number of pubs in city increasing hysterically, there’s no stopping Hyderabad on the dance floor. Get your weekend party scene going here!



5) The bigger, the better!



Source : Noble Amazing World


Hyderabad houses the largest IMAX 3D screen in the world. (Bigger, Better, Truer Quality) .Prasad’s IMAX theatre is visionary and promises to deliver a larger than life experience for movie buffs. And also where else would you see the railway station from Jab We Met and the sprawling gardens from Jodha Akbar, right next to each other anywhere other than Ramoji film city. This is the perfect city for you movie buffs out there!



6) Scenic is an understatement



Source : The Hans India 


It is a bliss to stroll in the evenings or go for a boat ride at the Hussain Sagar Lake. Plus the drive along the Necklace Road can any day beat Marine Drive’s hollow.



7) Because Hyderabad is a virtual melting pot of cultures.



Source : Gaurav Travels


Hyderabad is such a large hearted city, assimilating the pre and post modernism with equal warmth. The tehzeeb and courteousness here is beyond compare.



8) Drive – Ins


driveinsSource : Whats Up Life


When your hunger pangs hit, Hyderabad and its Late Night Drive-ins won’t let you go to bed hungry. Scattered across the city, these drive ins are the city’s official after drinking pit stops.



9) Because it is Cyberabad!



Source : Microsoft


It is the first choice of Microsoft, Google and Facebook to develop roots in India. Clearly, one of major software hubs in India.



And last but definitely not the least,



10) Biriyani



Source : Kohinoor India


Hyderabad is truly the best place to live in for a food lover. All Hyderabadis are known to be spicy food lovers! And the good news is, they’re all easy on your pocket.


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8 Must Visit Places in your first 2 months in Pune

Recently moved to Pune? This one is for you. A common question whenever one moves to a new city is how to effectively utilize the short respite from the gruelling Weekdays, that Weekends offer. Luckily, you are in Pune, which boasts of a wide variety of Places catering to a diverse set of interests, so be rest assured that you will find something of your interest happening around you. The city is brimming with a youthful energy owing primarily to a large corporate and students populace. We have consolidated some of the most iconic places that you just can’t miss, here they are (in no particular order) – 

1. Vohuman Cafe – This Irani Cafe has been a favorite early morning breakfast amongst the Punekars for the past 38 years. Famous for it’s cheese omelette and Bun Maska, the place is always brimming with people often including a long queue waiting outside. It is the ideal stop before undertaking an early morning trip. Mr. Hormaz Irani, the owner of the place with his lively behavior provides another compelling reason to visit this place                           Location: Near Ruby Hall  Timing: 6 A.M. to 6 P.M.


2. Dagdusheth Ganpati – The famous Ganesha temple with it’s mesmerising idol is a must visit. If you are lucky enough to be in Pune around the time of Ganesh Chaturthi, then you can witness the spectacle for which people come from far and wide just to catch a glimpse of their Dagdusheth as it is one of the most famous Ganesh Chaturthi Pandals in the whole of Maharashtra                 Location: Budhvar Peth  Timing: 6 A.M. to 11 P.M.  


3. Vaishali – An iconic South Indian Restaurant that is one of the oldest restaurants in Pune. With some of the best South Indian food delivered quickly accompanied by a happily chatting crowd, it is an ideal place to spend a good evening with friends and family.                                                                         Location: F.C. Road   Timing: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.


4. Laxmi Road – Girls this one if for you, shopping district of Pune. Laxmi Road is a shopper’s paradise with narrow lanes and by-lanes accompanied by the hustling crowd. It’s a perfect destination for all kinds of shopping be it clothes, footwear, jewellery, etc. across different price points.While there, don’t forget to flaunt your bargaining skills                                                                                   Location: Laxmi Road   Timing: 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. (Closed on Mondays)


5. WNS Road – Owing to the numerous call centers, the road opposite WNS is the best place to quench your late Night hunger. With roadside stalls open all Night long, serving epic street food like Maggi, Egg Bhurji, Pav Bhaji, etc. along with much needed late-night Chai                                                                   Location: Yerwada   Timing: Open till late in the Night


6. Cafe Good Luck – Probably the oldest restaurant in Pune established in 1935, this Irani Cafe is famous for it’s Irani chai and Bun Maska It also functions as a full-fledged restaurant serving a range of lip smacking dishes with a very quick service and its open for nearly 17 hours making it a place suitable for any time of the day                                                                             Location: F.C. Road  Timing: 7 A.M. to 11:30 P.M.


7. Shaniwar Wada Fort – The Landmark which is the hallmark of Pune, the fort of Peshwa Bajirao is synonymous with Pune. The fort with a rich heritage is a great source to understand the history of the great Maratha warriors and the fascinating stories associated with it, make the whole experience even more engaging. For those who liked Bajirao Mastani, this is your opportunity to visit the Moti Mahal                                                                                                     Location: Shaniwar Peth   Timing: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM


8. The High Spirits – One of the highlights of Pune’s thriving Nightlife scene, famous for it’s live Music and Sunday cookout. The right mix of Music, Beer and Food to go along with one of the best crowds in the city, make this one a must visit for all the Party lovers.                                                                         Location: Koregaon Park Annexe  Timing: 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM, on Sunday also open from 1:30 A.M. to 4 P.M. (Monday Closed)


Missed your favorite place, let us know in the comments.

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Rohit Vasudevan Diaries: The Mesmerizing Musicians

What happens when a Music college graduate and an Engineer with a rich Music ancestry come together to pursue their shared passion? Magic. This is the story of Rohit Vasudevan, who went to a Music college against his parents wishes and Saket Rao whose grandfather Bhaskar Rao was an esteemed Tabla player who had played with Ustad Zakir Hussain. Both of them started out on different paths with Rohit opting for graduation in Music despite coming from a science background and Saket deciding to pursue B.Tech from MIT, Pune. But their passion for Music brought them together and thus Rohit Vasudevan Diaries (RVD) was born. There hasn’t been any looking back since with the success of their singles like Zindagi Ek Khoj, Taqleef, etc. landing them a performance at Music Mojo, Kappa TV which eventually lead to them signing with the famed label Flying Carpet Productions, founded by the illustrious Ashish Manchanda who is the protege of Bruce Swedien, the Multi-Grammy winning Producer of Michael Jackson’s records. We at Brisky caught up with them, here are the excerpts from the interview:

Both of you were acclaimed artists in your own right before RVD, what made you join forces?

We used to play Street Music in Lavasa, it was evident that there was some kind of chemistry between us and once we started jamming together the belief got stronger. This belief grew when we started composing originals like Zindagi Ek Khoj because the way our Music synced it was magical and we decided that this can be a life-long partnership. Another crucial factor is the personal bond, it is a pre-requisite that you should be really good friends if you want to create some amazing Music over the long run

Rohit, you joined a Music college for formal education which is a very rare occurrence in India, how significant is the role of formal education in Music?

Rohit: If anyone intends to take up Music as a profession then I would strongly recommend them to pursue formal education with all their heart and soul since it helps build a strong foundation in Music. It also helps you get a comprehensive understanding of Music as you are exposed to different genres which in turn helps when you collaborate with other artists from diverse backgrounds

Saket: Unlike engineering, where there is little co-relation between what you study in college and what you execute on the site, in Music whatever you learn in college will have tremendous application when you start performing professionally. It also expedites the learning process, the time required to learn Music on your own is significantly more than what you will learn from a good teacher

Music as a profession demands a lot of struggle, what kept you going during the difficult times?

First of all we don’t like the word struggle, it’s a very negative word, we see it as a journey. Our vision to become great artists is what has always pegged us on. A lot of credit goes to our friends, who have supported us at each step of the way. There were instances when their overwhelming belief in our Music kept us going in moments of self-doubt. And a special mention to our distractors because they have always tried to pull you down and in the process of proving them wrong we have actually become more focused and driven in the pursuit of our passion

Why ‘Diaries’?

Rohit: I have been writing a personal diary since my school days, it has been instrumental in my Music as well. I have this habit of writing songs in sleep, for this reason, my diary is always on the bedside so that I pen down the lyrics first thing in the morning. I love travelling, very often I take off without any set destination in mind with my diary and guitar as companions, and during the course of the journey I pen down songs in the diary taking inspiration from things around me. Diary is the medium through which I want the audience to experience my Musical world, hence the name.

There is a growing breed of Independent Musicians who are creating some amazing Music, what more needs to be done to grow the Independent Music scene further?

Independent Musicians need to become a family, the unwarranted competition and ego clashes need to be weeded out, as they say, a revolution never happens in singularity all of us need to work collectively for Independent Music’s growth. Another aspect that we should focus on is professionalism if we want to become an ‘Industry’ we need to behave like one

You have planned something interesting for your fans at the end of this month, tell us something about that?

We are collaborating with many artists and giving the relatively younger bands an opportunity to perform. It will be a night full of some groovy Music.It is on 30th October at Classic Rock Coffee Co. Anyone who enjoys getting lost in the Musical world shouldn’t give it a miss.

An album is what every artist’s dream, you are very close to realizing that dream, how does it feel?

The feeling is surreal, having our own album is what we have lived for. Zindagi Ek Khoj is an album , titled on our first single, that is a reflection of the journey humans undertake in their lives. It is a genre agnostic album with songs from a variety of genres like Funk, Jazz, Blues and Pop, we have also had the privilege to collaborate with some fabulous artists like Mohini Dey. We got this opportunity thanks to the contract we signed with. This record is the first step towards making a dent in the Universe.

You can catch some of RVD’s best performances here.

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