Hyderabadi traditions, in every sip

Every city has its own distinct traditions. India, with all its rich culture and heritage, has a plethora of such small-small traditions, which define a certain place.


One such city is Hyderabad, the cyber city of modern India, which despite all its technological advancements, hasn’t given up on its origins. It is amongst the rare places where buildings spanning skylines and forts from the distant past co-exist peacefully.


Source : Gulf News

Ask any Hyderabadi, there are a certain number of things anyone coming to the city for the first time just can’t afford to miss. This list is topped by Irani Chai, which has a rich history. Hyderabadis and their Chai are a match made in heaven. Introduced by settlers from Persia during the last century when they came to Mumbai’s ports for better life and trade. And from Mumbai they migrated to Pune and then to Hyderabad.


Source : Gulf News

The difference between another Indian Chai and Irani Chai is the way it is made. Tea leaves with water are boiled in a separate container, and milk in another. While serving, the milk is poured first, and then the tea leaves solution is infused into it. This way of serving can still be witnessed in places that still retain that exclusive Iranian touch. The unique taste remains the same, irrespective of time.

The speciality doesn’t end here, it extends to the serving quantity and style. In most places, it is served in white ceramic cups and saucers, and a standard 90 ml each, also giving it the name 90 ml chai.


Photo by : Kishor Krishnamoorthi – Concorde 

Irani Chai, in most places, is served with one of the other city’s favourite, Osmania biscuits. Like everything else in this city, these biscuits have a rich tradition themselves. They were first baked on the demand of the last Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan, who wanted a snack that balanced the right amount of sweetness and saltiness. From there on, its popularity surged, making it a city staple along with our beloved Irani chai.


Photo Credits : Sangeetha Devi Dundoo and G. Ramakrishna

The Irani chai that is served today is a very evolved version of the original one. It’s been adapted to fit our fast paced lifestyle. Originally, it is had in an unsweetened manner, with just tea leaves and water, no milk. This is enjoyed along with a large granule of sugar tucked behind the cheek and in small savoury sips.


The Old City has many Irani cafes, which are still preserving this trademark of Hyderabad. If you are planning a trip to the City to Nawabs, visiting one of these should be on your must-do list.

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