10 reasons why your 20’s should be spent in Hyderabad

Your 20’s are perhaps the most transient time in your life. From graduating college and finding your first job to making your career dreams a reality and the many milestones in between, a lot of things can happen in those 10 years of young adulthood – so why not add moving to a new city to your list?

Here’s why Hyderabad is the perfect city for you!


1) Cosmopolitan



Source : Extravel Money


Being cosmopolitan in nature, Hyderabad is suitable for a person from any part of India. You will find colonies of Gujarati, Marwari, Sindhi and many other regional backgrounds in Hyderabad. People coming to Hyderabad feel at home in a very short time. Also, Hyderabadis are very helpful and you will often find any person ready to give you directions or help an old woman cross a road.



2) Wide Roads



Source : Egis India


Now this might be a weird one, but trust me this one goes a long way. Most of the city grew slowly giving the municipality a good enough time to build the roads in a better fashion. There might be lot of dust but wider roads makes the driving more comfortable.



3) Shoppers Stop



Source : Outlook Traveller


Street shopping or high-end shopping, the city’s got it all. And you just can’t escape Charminar bazaar for the pearls, if you step foot here. If you are a shopaholic, this is where you need to spending your money!



4) Nightlife




One of the best cities where nights are as busy as days. Hyderabad with its ever evolving nightlife scene has been breaking stereotypes. With the number of pubs in city increasing hysterically, there’s no stopping Hyderabad on the dance floor. Get your weekend party scene going here!



5) The bigger, the better!



Source : Noble Amazing World


Hyderabad houses the largest IMAX 3D screen in the world. (Bigger, Better, Truer Quality) .Prasad’s IMAX theatre is visionary and promises to deliver a larger than life experience for movie buffs. And also where else would you see the railway station from Jab We Met and the sprawling gardens from Jodha Akbar, right next to each other anywhere other than Ramoji film city. This is the perfect city for you movie buffs out there!



6) Scenic is an understatement



Source : The Hans India 


It is a bliss to stroll in the evenings or go for a boat ride at the Hussain Sagar Lake. Plus the drive along the Necklace Road can any day beat Marine Drive’s hollow.



7) Because Hyderabad is a virtual melting pot of cultures.



Source : Gaurav Travels


Hyderabad is such a large hearted city, assimilating the pre and post modernism with equal warmth. The tehzeeb and courteousness here is beyond compare.



8) Drive – Ins


driveinsSource : Whats Up Life


When your hunger pangs hit, Hyderabad and its Late Night Drive-ins won’t let you go to bed hungry. Scattered across the city, these drive ins are the city’s official after drinking pit stops.



9) Because it is Cyberabad!



Source : Microsoft


It is the first choice of Microsoft, Google and Facebook to develop roots in India. Clearly, one of major software hubs in India.



And last but definitely not the least,



10) Biriyani



Source : Kohinoor India


Hyderabad is truly the best place to live in for a food lover. All Hyderabadis are known to be spicy food lovers! And the good news is, they’re all easy on your pocket.


Pack your bags, the city is waiting with open arms! And to stay updated about the most happening events in this beautiful city, download Brisky here.